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Designed for possibilities. Made for people. Altro Stronghold™ 30 product datasheet Aggressive safety flooring designed to minimize risk in wet and greasy areas 800 377 5597 USA / 800 565 4658 CAN discover For technical support please call and speak with our Technical Services department

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Altro Stronghold 30 Water underfoot is treacherous enough – add grease, oils and fats, and you’ve got a dangerous environment. For commercial kitchens, food preparation and back-of-house service areas, it’s essential to select flooring that will help staff continue their job safely. Altro Stronghold 30 achieves Altro’s highest slip resistance rating and is designed to minimize risk in wet and greasy conditions for the lifetime of the flooring. In addition to staff safe from slips, it also helps reduce their fatigue thanks to its 3mm thickness, providing ample noise reduction and comfort...

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Altro Stronghold 30 - 3

Altro Stronghold 30 in Abyss at the Mayfair Hotel

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Altro Stronghold 30 - 4

LRV Light reflectance value Light reflectance values (LRV) Please keep LRVs in mind when selecting walling for areas with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, seniors or individuals with poor vision. Color matched weldrods (WR) and mastic (AM) are available. You’ll find their product codes under product SKUs.

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Altro Stronghold 30 in Benares Restaurant

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Altro Stronghold 30 - 6

Bedford Modern Kitchen chose Altro Stronghold 30

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Specifications Type + class Thickness and wear layer Roll dimensions Type II, Grade 1, Class A, safety flooring LEED facts LEED v4 This product may help contribute to the following credits Materials and resources Contains recycled content product warranty Cleaning technology Renewable bio-based content Static coefficient of friction Ramp test TRRL pendulum test Altro Easyclean Materials and resources - EPD Dynamic coefficient Environmental product declaration Type III product specific Materials and resources - HPD Health product declaration Environmental quality Low emitting materials,...

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Discover more online! ! Manual cleaning of sheet vinyl Limpieza manual de hojas de vinilo Nettoyage manuel d’un plancher de vinyle AltroClean 44 - Cleanser / Limpiador / Nettoyant 1:40 [AltroClean 44 : Water / Agua / Eau] 1:10 [AltroClean 44 : Water / Agua / Eau] Normal cleaning dilution Deep cleaning dilution / Kitchen cleaning Dilución de limpieza normal Dilution de nettoyage normal Dilución de limpieza pesada / de la cocina Dilution de nettoyage en profondeur / de la cuisine Sweep Barrer Balayer Pour AltroClean 44 Echar AltroClean 44 Verser AltroClean 44 Clean warm water Agua tibia...

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