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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 1


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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 2

ALVI, a leading company... Alvi s.r.l. devotes its designing and production to the solution of the logistics and material handling problems. Alvi 40 years know-how of aluminium production, and the continuous research for combined employ of different materials, as various plastics and stainless steel, together with light alloy, lead to a constant quality improvement. The producing machinery, highly automated, grants an excellent quality level. The anodising treatment of the aluminium is carried out with an automatic plant under continuous quality control. The greatest part of the production...

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 3

Why Aluminium? Aluminium has significant advantages compared to other metals. Its excellent strength-to-weight ratio allows our engineers to design stiff trolleys without undermining ergonomics. Aluminium is a completely recyclable material, this quality, besides avoiding the extraction of bauxite, enables to save the 95% of the energy called for its production, starting from the raw material. Why aluminium for Healthcare? The resistance to corrosion, to high temperatures, the non-hygroscopicity and the high thermal conductivity allow an easy use in the washing tunnel. Alvi products begin...

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 4

4 COLLECTION OF DIRTY LINEN AND WASTE IN WARD I wm. Sack-holder trucks Platform and lid in ABS. Light alloy anodized support. Bag fastening by stainless steel ring with rubber corners. 4 swivelling anti-noise grey rubber wheels 0 75 mm with thread-guards. The support with front opening and the wide bottom platform allows a fast, easy and safe removal of the full bag. suitable for washing, disinfection and All components are Lid's opening by pedal assures eaSy replaceable users' safety.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 5

3845 CR The lid's opening on trucks with pedal is up to 60°. On request it can be supplied up to 98° as on trucks without pedal. The code of the pedal is RO3800001PE Push-handle available for all models. Both fabrics and plastic bags can't absolutely slide out. The code refers to the truck only (without bag). Lids, pedals, brakes and push-handles are available on request. All models can be delivered disassembled.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 6

6 WASTE COLLECTION IN WARD Fixed hooking systems are compatible with waste trolley 312 CR, sack-holders and service trolleys. 312 CR trolleys are built in stainless steel AISI 304 and thermoplastic rubber. Hermetic closure of bags. Suitable for disinfection. ABS base avoids bags spilling out.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 7

CLEAN LINEN DISTRIBUTION IN WARD 7 Linen ward trolleys3950 CR ABS anti-slip top surface with three sided edge 80 mm h. 4 swivelling wheels 0 100 mm with circular bumper. Light alloy anodized body. 2 levels mm 620 x 445 x 340 h. Capacity 4-6 beds. Light, strong, suitable for washing and disinfection. On request blue laminated (HPL) doors, opening up to 270°, with magnet lock device. 3 levels mm 620 x 445 x 275 h. Capacity 7-8 beds.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 8

8 CLEAN LINEN DISTRIBUTION IN WARD Light alloy top surface. 2 pushing handles. 4 swivelling wheels 0 100 mm with circular bumper. Light alloy anodized body. Two doors in blue plastic laminated (HPL), opening up to 270°, with magnet lock device. Capacity 10-11 beds. 3 levels mm 695 x 445 x 362 h.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 9

CLEAN LINEN DISTRIBUTION IN WARD 9 Central lock on request. Light alloy drawers with telescopic rails can be added for small items transport. 3950 CR and 3950/2 CR drawers available in 5 colours. 4000 CR drawers available only grey.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 10

10 COLLECTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF LINEN IN WARD Pedal stopping on the floor allows a fast, safe Hooking device of the shelving trolleys to the sack-holders: safe, fast, hygienic. The trolleys 3950 CR, 3950/2 CR and 4000 CR can be equipped with this device. Suitable for washing and disinfection. Available assembled or in kit form.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 11

COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF DIRTY LINEN AND WASTE 11 2050/191 CR Front opening on 2/3 of the height for easy loading and unloading. Capacity 7-8 bags. Rubber bumper and steel non-twisting bottom frame recommended in case of use of lorry and towing. Lid with hinges on 2/3 of the width and stop in open position. Drain tap. Folded edges and polyamide corners for users' safety. Ribbed walls. Hinged opening. Capacity 11-12 bags.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 12

12 COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF DIRTY LINEN AND WASTE Light alloy bumper and frame suitable for manual transport. 3350 CR Waste-material collection truck with hinged lid. On request special realizations: - smooth walls; - partition wall at 1/2 or 2/3 of the length for the separation of waste; - diamond shaped bottom; - bottom with silicone seal. The spring loaded bottom keeps the bags at a costant level. Made in anodized aluminium, it is completely removable and it can be added on existing trolleys with rubber bumper.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 13

TRANSPORT INSIDE INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRIES 13 Linen trolleys BA 20 Smooth surfaces. Ribbed walls. Strong bottom frame and light alloy bumper. 1695 CR Anodized light alloy truck with a cut-out on a long side. Not perforated. PERFORATED TRUCKS Watertight anodized light alloy truck. Drain tap. Perforated double bottom. 1380 CR Not perforated execution, stiffening ribs on walls, anodized.

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 14

14 TRANSPORT INSIDE INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRIES Spring loaded bottom trucks have been designed to keep users working plan at the maximum height. Body in light alloy sheet, anodized. Reinforced and rounded upper edge. The self-levelling platform fixed on 2 carriages sliding in light alloy rails can work also with non uniform loads. Bottom is tank shaped in order to prevent the material from getting stuck. Strong non-twisting iron frame in epoxy finishing. Wheels in lozenge position or at the corners. Springs are easily replaceable. On request springs with reduced capacity. XPA0680 680 CR * Trucks...

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General Catalogue HOSPITAL LOGISTICS - 15

Clean linen cupboard trucks 1550/501 CR Light and strong they are the ideal means of transport between laundry and services. Reinforced doors with stopping magnets at 270°. Strong non twisting bottom frame in epoxypolyester finishing steel. Door fastening by one vertical thumb-latch on top and bottom. EPDM gasket. Upper bumper in light alloy and rubber profiles for an optimal protection of contents during transport by lorry. Lower bumper in light alloy and rubber profiles are moulded for impact absorbing.

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