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DENTAL WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT PLATFORM GRAVITY DENTISTR Y ERO Z PATIENT S PATIENT The future of dentistry is digital. Digitalization requires change but offers lucrative opportunities at the same time. Trends such as the demand for direct restorations for simple restorations threaten to break down established structures and classic boundaries between the laboratory and the clinician. However, with the aid of digitization, new forms of collaboration are emerging which expand the win-win situation for dental technicians and clinicians - always with a focus on the well-being of the patient. For...

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Anatomically correct fixation of the skull-axis relation _ Anatomically correct fixation of the skull-axis relation in just two minutes _ Loss-free transfer of the oral situation to the Artex articulator _ Reduces or saves grinding times on the patient thanks to the highest precision Precise, stable and proven 1,000 times over _Provides all functions for analysing the free spaces and excursion patterns _Variable sideshift function for transversal clearance, adjustable _Light and stable due to carbon construction for optimum handling Precision models -fast and cost-effective _ Outsmarts...

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¹ ceramill a-temp multilayer VITA ENAMIC® VITA ENAMIC® multiColor Next Dent VITABLOCS® Mark II / TriLuxe

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MODEL MANAGEMENT MODEL MANAGEMENT "Professional functional diagnostics require suitable instruments. And I only use the best instruments for my patients." Priv.-Doz. Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers CMD-Centrum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany « artex® system « artex® facebow zebris for « ceramil « artex® « artex® anterior guide « giroform® system « giroform®

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ARTEX SYSTEM - THE PERFECT COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DENTIST, DENTAL TECHNICIAN AND THE PATIENT For maximum accuracy of fit for well-functioning dentures, working with an articulator is essential. The Artex system is renowned worldwide as being fully functional and reliable, and for dentists and dental technicians alike it is an effective aid in recording static jaw relationships and simulating jaw movements. For the best possible link-up between dentist and dental technician. For the ultimate in reliability and accuracy. For perfect service to the patient.

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MODEL MANAGEMENT artex® system ARTICULATION SYSTEM COMPONENTS �artex® facebow Determining the cranium/axis-related position of the maxilla Digital face bow for fast data processing and reduction of manual reworking Model management articulator and mastication simulator Interchangeability of Artex articulators �artex® anterior guide Ensures correct anterior teeth fu

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artex® facebow ANATOMICALLY CORRECT FIXATION OF THE CRANIAL-AXIS RELATIONSHIP IN JUST 2 MINUTES Artex facebow, transfer jig and articulator form a single communication unit. Dentists determine the cranium-axis position of the maxilla using the Artex facebow. This anatomically important parameter is quickly and precisely fixed in position on the transfer jig. This secures it for transport from the practice to the laboratory where the models are mounted patient analogous in the Artex articulator. _Cranium-axis oriented transfer of maxillary model to the articulator transfers the real jaw...

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MODEL MANAGEMENT artex® facebow THE ARTEX FACEBOW – THE BETTER WAY TO OBTAIN AN ANATOMICALLY CORRECT REGISTRATION OF THE PATIENT’S CRANIUM/AXIS RELATIONSHIP 1 Preparation of the facebow: The nasion bar is secured in a rear position. Joint support inserted with its vertical position fixed by a wing screw Move the Artex facebow close to the patient‘s face Move the joint support up to the bite fork and tighten the wing screw, thus securing the position of the upper jaw Prepare the bite fork in a double-boiler Introduce the ear tips into the external auditory meatus while sliding the sides of...

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DIGITAL FACEBOW IN THE CERAMILL WORKFLOW zebris for Ceramill can be used as a digital facebow, but offers numerous other functions in addition. Thus the JMA Optic system forms the basis for virtually any indication – from single restorations to scanning model-free with an intraoral scanner as well as largespan restorations or splints. The automatic data transfer to the Ceramill System and the resulting direct transfer into the articulator, allows Zebris for Ceramill to be ideally integrated into the daily workflow and reduces manual post-processing of the restoration. Overall, the result is...

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MODEL MANAGEMENT TROUBLE-FREE RESTORATIONS AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON – 100% DIGITAL THE DIGITAL WORKFLOW From the dental practice to the perfect restoration. 1. Recording of patient dynamics 2. Recording of maxillary position 3. Digital data export PERFECT DENTURES 1. Data import & visualization 2. Representation of maxillary position 3. Automatic articulator programming Guarantees the highest accuracy of fit. Hardly requires manual post-processing.

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artex® articulators SENSITIVE EXCURSION SIMULATORS – PRECISE, STABLE AND PROVEN IN 1000S OF APPLICATIONS What the dental technician fabricates in the articulator must function intraorally. Artex articulators provide a highly precise option for accurately reproducing excursion patterns of patient receptors. Their light, stable design simplifies and accelerates work on the model while also reducing work on the patient and significantly increasing patient comfort. Their reliable precision, flexibility and simple, ergonomic handling make Artex articulators one of the most commonly used...

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MODEL MANAGEMENT Technical Data Chart Arcon-Design Artex CR Artex CPR Non Arcon-Design Artex CT Artex CN Artex BN SCI (Sagittal condylar inclination)

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artex® articulators Artex articulators in Arcon design based on the human anatomy. The condylar balls are therefore in the lower member of the articulator and condylar guidance surface in the upper member. The condylar guidance elements can be adjusted using individual positioning registrations. MODEL MANAGEMENT ARTICULATOR AND UNIVERSAL DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY DEVICE _Provides comprehensive adjustment possibilities to reproduce the patient’s clearance and movement dynamics _Fully adjustable Artex Carbon articulator offering the following additional functions: _Variable sideshift function for...

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