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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 2

Partial dentures mical anato ge rid n tb io lan ect mp a s d i giv ge bri in brid Hy ith g w and mical wn o Cro ly anat ful ully ress f Overp Crowns / Bridges ium ) an tit ised n t o tom en (cus m e ut se bas Ab ba ium itan nt ro Ba ced redu dge bri and rown C Inlay /try-in Mock-up Full contour and hybrid with implant bridge ection gingiva s ical sally on con occlu Bridge ses um ba d titani etained uce red w-r rly scre bula esti l ge v ica

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 3

PRECISION MODEL SCANNING VIRTUAL OCCLUSION Hzebris for ^ceramill® «artex®cr ^giroform® ^ceramilTmap 600+ ^ceramiirmind Digital facebow - record jaw movements without a model _Exact data acquisition increases accuracy of fit and reduces reworking _Complete system integration enables fast and effortless data acquisition _Perfect bite situation due to coordinated system from recording to try-in Model management articulator and masticatory loading simulator for the dental practice and laboratory _Provides all functions for analysing the free spaces and excursion patterns _Variable sideshift...

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 4

CAD/CAM Material ^ceramiirmikro kxllsxl^ceramiirmikro ic l4x| CAD/CAM materials for the highest demands in quality and esthetics _Zirconia for great expectations -esthetic, cost-effective and efficient _CoCr sintering and hard metal for fabricating non-precious metal restorations _Resins for temporary restorations and therapeutic splints _Hybrid ceramics which combine the positive properties of composites and ceramics 4- or 5-axis dry milling in a minimum of space _High performance milling due to DNA milling strategies _Maximum range of indications in 4 or 5-axis dry milling (blanks, hybrid...

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 5

Full service unit with milling/grinding, administration and cleaning function _Maximum time savings in resource management through automatic management of material and tools _Maximum convenience due to autonomous wet and dry change as well as automatic cleaning _No limits - full indication and material portfolio Shielding gas sinter furnace for Ceramill Sintron with shielding gas flood chamber _Consistently high sintering quality thanks to optimum coordination with the Ceramill CAD/CAM system _Maximum process reliability due to integrated compressed air and shielding gas monitoring _Minimum...

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 6

STRONG TOGETHER Strong partners – strong products. Amann Girrbach works closely with a select group of renowned cooperation partners. The combination of the core competencies of each one of them finds its expression in products, systems and processes that make dental technicians successful. CAD/CAM EQUIPMENT PARTNER ESTHETIC MANAGMENT PARTNER FULL DENTURE PARTNER CAD/CAM MATERIAL PARTNER IMPLANT PROSTHETICS PARTNER

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 7

OPEN TO CHANGE. Maximum range of indications and materials with the Plug & Play quick-change holder concept for Ceramill CNC units. Titanium abutment blanks Denture teeth (full-denture prosthetics) Glass ceramic and hybrid blocks (12x) Glass ceramic and hybrid blocks Ceramill Matik blank holders – all models at www.amanngirrbach.com

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 8

THE MATERIAL THAT CREATES AESTHETICS. Materials from the Ceramill material portfolio ensure that you work with the highest quality restoration materials. We cooperate closely with selected partners to combine materials from in-house development and production with their materials in order to extend our product portfolio for customers. ZOLID ZIRCONIA

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 9

¹ ceramill a-temp multilayer VITABLOCS® Mark II / TriLuxe Forte ¹ ceramill wax ¹ ceramill wax white ¹ ceramill peek natural ¹ ceramill peek white VITA ENAMIC® VITA ENAMIC® multiColor

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Ceramill CAD/CAM - 10

AMANNGIRRBACH AUSTRIA (HEADQUARTERS) Amann Girrbach AG Koblach, Austria Fon +43 5523 62333-105 austria@amanngirrbach.com GERMANY Amann Girrbach GmbH Pforzheim, Germany Fon +49 7231 957-100 germany@amanngirrbach.com ITALY Amann Girrbach Italia srl Verona, Italy Fon +39 045 9813970 europe@amanngirrbach.com FRANCE Amann Girrbach France SAS Jossigny, France Fon +43 5523 62333-105 europe@amanngirrbach.com NORTH AMERICA Amann Girrbach North America, LP Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. Fon +1 704 837 1404 america@amanngirrbach.com BRAZIL Amann Girrbach Brasil LTDA Curitiba, Brazil Fon +55 41 3287 0897...

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