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WHICH CERAMILL MAP IS THE BEST ONE FOR YOU? FOR PROFESSIONALS EFFICIENT, INTELLIGENT, PRECISE Dimensions D/W/H 415/424/469 mm Weight 25 kg scanning accuracy 4 μm Full jaw scan in 18 sec. FOR NEWCOMERS COMFORTABLE, FAST, COMPACT Dimensions D/W/H 390/360/310 mm Weight 11 kg scanning accuracy 6 μm Full jaw scan in

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THE FULLY AUTOMATIC HIGH-PERFORMANCE SCANNER FOR OPEN ARTICULATOR SCANNING The new Ceramill Map 600+ high-performance scanner from the DNA generation offers intelligence, efficiency and maximum precision. The scanner features an integrated universal carrier plate for all common types of articulator, which saves time-consuming plate changes. Due to Splitex integration, all the accessory components of the Map portfolio can be used. The intelligent scan height control automatically moves the object to be scanned into the best possible scan area, thus offering the user increased process...

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^ceramill® WMTDHh GENERATION EFFICIENT, INTELLIGENT, PRECISE Open housing design designed according to dental requirements for easy operation and highest scanning precision at the same time One-piece interior for easy cleaning of the interior while protecting sensitive components High-Definition 3D Sensor with blue light technology, variable resolution and integrated stray light cover for best results Automatic scan height control Automatic positioning of the scan object in the ideal measuring field range Integrated multifunctional articulator fixator for best possible scanning quality with...

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ARTICULATOR SCAN MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY MAXIMUM PRECISION To utilize the advantages of the virtual articulator, a 1:1 conversion of the model situation is required from the real articulator into a data set. The Ceramill Map 600+ enables scanning articulated models directly in the articulator without prior transfer to a transfer station. During the scanning process, the model is transferred from the actual articulator to the software while retaining the axis relation. A wide variety of articulator types can be positioned and precisely scanned without any additional accessories on the integrated...

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ENTRY-LEVEL SCANNER – COMPACT, PRECISE, QUICK Ceramill Map 200+ is a fully automatic 2-axis stripe-light scanner, ideal for entry into CAD/CAM technology due to its uncomplicated handling with simultaneous high precision. It is also suitable for all users who want to produce cost-effective, precise scan data. Equipped with newly developed DNA speed scanning strategies and high-resolution 3D sensors it shares the same standards of precision and speed with the bigger version Ceramill Map 600+. In combination with the automatic user guidance Ceramill Map 200+ brings together convenience and...

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AUTO-ARTICULATION MAXIMUM INTELLIGENCE Industry 4.0 comes to dental laboratories. The new intelligent software algorithm automatically assigns the upper and lower jaws, thereby eliminating the vestibular scan and thus 33% of the manual steps in the laboratory. The software upgrade thus not only reduces the manual / physical activities of an employee, but as a result also optimizes the entire laboratory workflow. While the computer is performing the employee‘s work, the employee can devote time to more important tasks, thereby increasing turnaround times and enabling more profit to be...

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, NEUESCANNER GUI MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY n FREE SCANNING SEQUENCE SPEED-UP MATCHING >- j MAXIMUM INTELLIGENCE MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY The new, more efficient calculation algorithm accelerates matching time by up to 35%, depending on the indication. This reduces the active waiting time of a scanning process by up to 25 seconds. The „free scanning sequence" feature offers staff in dental laboratories the option of determining for themselves when which scanning process is to be performed. Depending on the initial situation, the most suitable scanning step can be brought forward without having to make...

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FULLY AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS AND NEW INTELLIGENT FEATURES IMPRESSION SCAN INTELLIGENT MULTI DIE – UP TO 12 STUMPS _Fully automated workflow for scanning impressions _ o manual intervention necessary N _ Easy handling _Automatic allocation of upper and lower jaws without an additional vestibular scan _ canning of up to 12 stumps S _ n only two scanning steps to the perfect result I _ utomatic alignment of the stumps in the model A _ Maximum time savings FREE SCANNING SEQUENCE _Maximum time savings and maximum comfort—manual interrup tion to the lab workflow is almost entirely a thing of the...

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Ceramill Map 200+ 179130NC Ceramill Map 200+ Ceramill Map 600+ 179560 Ceramill Map 600+ (incl. Scan Accessories) 179118 Universal model socket 179119 Fixation pins Dimensions D/W/H (mm) W"Hlit Electrical connected value Electrical fuse O 'Mtput.W. Accuracy (pm) according to DIN EN ISO 12836:2013-01 Accuracy (pm) implant bars Axes Recommended installation site Full arch scan (sec.) Single die with Ceramill Multi Cap (sec.)

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AUSTRIA (HEADQUARTERS) Amann Girrbach AG Koblach, Austria Fon +43 5523 62333-105 austria@amanngirrbach.com GERMANY Amann Girrbach GmbH Pforzheim, Germany Fon +49 7231 957-100 germany@amanngirrbach.com ITALY Amann Girrbach Italia srl Verona, Italy Fon +39 045 9813970 europe@amanngirrbach.com FRANCE Amann Girrbach France SAS Jossigny, France Fon +43 5523 62333-105 europe@amanngirrbach.com NORTH AMERICA Amann Girrbach North America, LP Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. Fon +1 704 837 1404 america@amanngirrbach.com BRASIL Amann Girrbach Brasil LTDA Curitiba, Brasil Fon +55 41 3287 0897...

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