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Exploiting digitization. Dear reader, Amann Girrbach has used 2020 to pave the way for the next wave of digital transformation. This should come as no surprise, as we at Amann Girrbach have been embracing the opportunities presented by workflow digitization for many years. This next wave of digitization can now bring dentists and dental technicians even closer together via seamless communication for the benefit of optimal patient treatment. For several years now, the market has shown a trend in which the classic separation of tasks for simple restorations has become blurred between the...

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You've got to know our past, to know your future. A NEW UNIVERSE OF UNITED DENTISTRY LIES AHEAD OF US.

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World‘s leading articulator system.

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«ceramill® World's first integrated CAD/CAM system for dental labs.

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Alles Inhouse. AMANNGIRRBACH Amm GlrrtM* AG I Ter •« »2JI 94NOO to* mtfftufkya* »43 5«?162333 399 WWWIMUMIMhIIMI Nass- und Trockenbearbeitung in einem kompakten Gerat - bahnbrechende Indikations-vielfalt und Wertschopfung fur jedes Labor.

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Sceramill sintroriDie NEM-Revolution in CAD/CAM. CoCr trocken frasen - einfacn wie wachs Jetzt honnen Sie auch NEM-Zahnersatz rut hrem Cerami I CAD/CAM System muheios m eiqenen Lacor frasen. Sie sparen slch den Gwpprozess. AMANNG RRBACH

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^ceramill® MMTDNA GENERATION World's first dental DNA milling lineup.

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State-of-the-art dental zirconia.

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ttOneOfAKind inrtouse-rroverrwnt.corn SceramilTmatik World's first full service production unit for dental labs.

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ZERO GRAVITY DENTISTRY THE NEW DIMENSION OF UNIFIED DENTISTRY! Digitization requires change but also offers lucrative opportunities. The trend is perfectly clear: the demand for direct straightforward restorations is growing fast. This threatens to break down established structures and traditional boundaries between the laboratory and the clinician. However, digitization is ideally suited to create win-win situations for both dental technicians and clinicians using new forms of collaboration. Naturally, the well-being of patients always remains the focus. For optimal communication between...

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DIGITIZATION PAYS OFF Amann Girrbach is all about supporting laboratories in organizing digital dental workflows. With the AG.Live digital platform, this project reaches a new dimension. AG.Live helps dental technicians to manage all digital activities locally and to connect with an ever expanding global network of digital dental professionals. Patient case management is at the core of the platform, which replaces the previous C3 customer portal - this is where the patient case is created, managed and processed digitally. Patient cases can be shared with partner laboratories for further...

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DRS – Direct Restoration System Bridging interdisciplinary gaps becomes reality with Ceramill DRS in combination with AG.LIVE. To better meet today's patient demands, the laboratory and dentist can now work together seamlessly, uniting their skills and designing workflows together at the touch of a button. The basis for this is the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit.

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BASIS FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY COOPERATION AND SAME DAY DENTISTRY The Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, consisting of a Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner, the associated scanning soft ware and the AG.LIVE connection, extends the integrated CAD/CAM workflow to include dentists. This makes it child's play to share patient cases with all the information with the laboratory and even fabricate straighforward jobs on the same day.* All patient and case relevant details are defined and created in AG.LIVE. Additional data such as photos or X-ray images can also be saved there. PATIENT CASE SHARING The...

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THE FABRICATION OF DENTURES WITHIN ONE SESSION IS ALSO POSSIBLE WITH SUPPORT FROM THE LABORATORY Complementing the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, the Ceramill DRS Production Kit enables single-tooth restorations and up to 3-pontic bridges to be fabricated directly in the dental practice, thus providing patients with a definitive restoration in just one session. This kit consists of a simplified CAD/CAM software, Ceramill Mind DRS and a small CNC machine, the Ceramill Motion DRS. Both components are perfectly integrated in the CAD/ CAM workflow and guarantee flawless outcomes. The Ceramill DRS...

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HIGH-SPEED ZIRCONIA KIT: SINTERING SO FAST, SO BEAUTIFUL. With the new High-Speed Zirconia Kit, Amann Girrbach raises speed-sintering of zirconia restorations to a new level of speed and efficiency. In the Ceramill Therm DRS high-performance sintering furnace and with the specially adapted Zolid DRS zirconia, sintering times are reduced down to 20 minutes. This is equivalent to about one-fifth of the time required in conventional speed sintering processes. All without affecting the mechanical and optical properties of the restoration. Perfectly integrated into the Ceramill workflow, highly...

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AS&HIGH-SPEED ZIRCONIA KIT PRACTICE AG.LI^E PATIENT CASE SHARING ^ceramill motion^®*' FUTURE-ORIENTED Connects laboratory and practice via the AG.LIVE portal for smooth interdisciplinary collaboration. The system components are modular, letting one start on a „small scale" and then upgrading at a later stage. Fully integrated CAD/CAM system - all components from a single source, and with one contact person. The Ceramill DRS system is divided into 3 kits and thus provides maximum flexibility in the interaction between the laboratory and the dental practice. The platform for this is provided...

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Classic Products For perfectly fitting dentures with maximum patient comfort - the classic Amann Girrbach products allow convenient and time-saving handling at the transition from analog to digital.

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NO PERFECT RESTORATION WITHOUT PERFECT MODEL MANAGEMENT The key to a perfect restoration result is based on flawless model management and the most detailed possible transition from the analog to the digital world during scanning. Amann Girrbach offers specifically developed and perfectly coordinated solutions for every single work step. The process chain in model management ranges from analog registration with the Artex facebow, to modeling with the Giroform system, which circumvents plaster expansion of the model by segmentation and enables highly precise models, and the Artex system for...

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