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Zolid Gen-X - 2

UNIVERSAL EXCELLENCE The new Zolid Gen-X is a multilayer, highly translucent zirconia and is a true all-rounder in terms of “universal use”. Due to its high strength and natural translucency, this material can be used for virtually every indication. Even the massive structures of implant-supported restorations with a gingival component appear completely natural. Zolid Gen-X is available in the 16 classic VITA tooth shades as well as two Bleach shades. This makes the fabrication of restorations easy and efficient for every laboratory. UNLIMITED INDIVIDUALITY SOPHISTICATED ESTHETIC s A-D –...

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Zolid Gen-X - 3

ESTHETICS FOR ALL INTENDS AND PURPOSES Zolid Gen-X 25mm - asymmetric, polychromatic shaded zirconia blank optimizes esthetic outcomes in implant-supported restorations with a high gingival content _ Asymmetric shade distribution _ Smooth translucency and shade gradient in the upper region of the blank _ Fully stained region for the gingival component in the lower part of the blank _ Ideally suited for large-span, implant-supported restorations with a gingival component _ High flexural strength of 1,000 MPa To ensure that the shade gradient of the tooth section is optimally matched with...

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Zolid Gen-X - 4

ZOLID DNA PORTFOLIO – ZIRCONIA TO MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS lid ht+ preshades ½ zo ½z olid ht n-x e +w UCENCY – HIGH STR dg ANSL ENG hi li TR t 150 MPa* / 1)1100 H zo ± IGH 00 ± ½ zolid ht+ Mu rest lti-u ni ora Ven tion t, sc s Cus eers on rew tom , in tit la a i Multi-un it, screw-reta ine restoration d s on titanium ba ses ical anatom Fully and bridges wns cro -unit extending ically reduced Anatom crowns and 3-unit o multi-unit t frameworks bridge d .3 ine s, (max e moral region) ta base h to t -re um ys, ni nla nts o Nesting and sintering support structures The choice of the correct blank...

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Zolid Gen-X - 5

OPTIMIZED WORKFLOW Zolid Gen-X can be integrated easily into the daily laboratory routines and is perfectly adapted to the workflow in daily laboratory work. This relates to milling processes, standard sintering cycles in the Zolid DNA workflow, as well as easy finalization with the 16 A-D VITA shades and Ceramill Stain & Glaze. This greatly facilitates the fabrication process for the laboratory. Perfect handling Perfectly matched to the dental milling process without making any compromises. Standard sintering cycle Sintering in the Zolid DNA workflow at 1450° C/2 h Easy fabrication Easy...

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Zolid Gen-X - 6

S zolid MJ^DNA GENERATION ORDER AND PRODUCT INFORMATION Zolid Gen-X, 98 mm, 1 pc. each BL1 766790 O Zolid 766791 O Zolid 766792 O Zolid 766793 O Zolid 766794 O Zolid 766795 O Zolid 766796 O Zolid BL3 766808 O Zolid 766809 O Zolid 766810 O Zolid 766811 O Zolid 766812 O Zolid 766813 O Zolid 766814 O Zolid A1 766817 O Zolid 766818 O Zolid 766819 O Zolid 766820 O Zolid 766821 O Zolid 766822 O Zolid 766823 O Zolid A2 766826 O Zolid 766827 O Zolid 766828 O Zolid 766829 O Zolid 766830 O Zolid 766831 O Zolid 766832 O Zolid A3 766835 O Zolid 766836 O Zolid 766837 O Zolid 766838 O Zolid 766839 O...

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Zolid Gen-X - 7

TECHNICAL DATA Zolid Gen-X, 71 mm, 1 pc. each 766639 C Zolid gen-x A2 71x20 h= 20 mm A3 766645 C Zolid gen-x A3 71x14 h= 14 mm 766646 C Zolid gen-x A3 71x16 h=16 mm 766648 C Zolid gen-x A3 71x20 h= 20 mm A3,5 766654 o Zolid gen-x A3,5 71x14 h= 14 mm 766655 O Zolid gen-x A3,5 71x16 h=16 mm B1 766672 O) Zolid gen-x B1 71x14 h= 14 mm 766673 C Zolid gen-x B1 71x16 h=16 mm 766675 O Zolid gen-x B1 71x20 h= 20 mm B2 766681 O Zolid gen-x B2 71x14 h= 14 mm 766682 C Zolid gen-x B2 71x16 h=16 mm 766684 C Zolid gen-x B2 71x20 h= 20 mm C1 766708 o Zolid gen-x C1 71x14 h= 14 mm 766709 O Zolid gen-x C1...

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Zolid Gen-X - 8

AMANNGIRRBACH AUSTRIA (HEADQUARTERS) Amann Girrbach AG Koblach, Austria Fon +43 5523 62333-105 austria@amanngirrbach.com GERMANY Amann Girrbach GmbH Pforzheim, Germany Fon +49 7231 957-100 germany@amanngirrbach.com ITALY Amann Girrbach Italia srl Verona, Italy Fon +39 045 9813970 europe@amanngirrbach.com FRANCE Amann Girrbach France SAS Jossigny, France Fon +43 5523 62333-105 europe@amanngirrbach.com NORTH AMERICA Amann Girrbach North America, LP Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. Fon +1 704 837 1404 america@amanngirrbach.com BRAZIL Amann Girrbach Brasil LTDA Curitiba, Brazil Fon +55 41 3287 0897...

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