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Cardiology equipment with Interpretation Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • 12.1 inch 800x600 High­Resolution Color Folding Touch Screen Multi­language support: Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish Hand writing support Waveforms and auto­diagnosis results preview before printing Support ECG work station Support PACS system. Doctor can view ECG waveform and diagnosis report from system directly USB socket to connect external Printer. Support A4 paper printing USB flash disk for data record and recover Recording Calibration system Anti­defibrillation and Pacemaker detection 12­lead simultaneous acquisition, amplification and recording. Digital and full­floating design. Various of record system, 210mm, 216mm width thermal printer papers. • Correct record ECG waveform, gain, record speed, patient information and measurement report. • 1:1 ratio for LCD screen waveforms and output waveform. • Net­grid on screen and record paper are the same. • DC and AC power supply, built­in rechargeable Lithium battery, at least 2 hours working time. • Last 120 seconds 12­leads waveforms reviewable and recordable • Alphanumeric keyboard, individual capital and numeral key. (optional for touch screen input) • 300 ECGs internal memory, USB Interface for data transmission to PC to expand memory capacity. • Automatic measurement and interpretation tested • 122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis • Manual/Auto/ Rhythm working modes selectable • Three kinds of recording modes: Record and not printout, record and printout, no record only printout • Sketch of displaying and closing ECG leads. Indication of leads off. • Using unique high­precision digital filter to eliminate baseline drift and other disturbances, avoid ECG waveform distortion and greatly enhance the anti­baseline drift capability to facilitate waveform detection. • Long­distance data transferred through network socket Technical Specifications • Lead: Standard 12 leads • Gain: ­ 2.5mm/mV, ­ 5mm/mV, ­ 10mm/mV, ­ AGC(automatic), ­ 20mm/mV, ­ 10/5mm/mV(classification, front means lead gain, behind means chest lead gain), ­ 20/10mm/mV(classification, front means lead gain, behind means chest lead gain) • Accuracy ±2%. ©2011, AMBISEA Technology Corp.,Ltd ­ Rev1.1. 04/2011 AMBISEA is a registered trademark of AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd

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AC Filter: 50Hz/60Hz/Off EMC Filter: 25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/Off Drift Filter: 0.05Hz/0.15Hz/0.25Hz/0.50Hz Lowerpass Filter: 70Hz/100Hz/150Hz Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 1% Noise Level: < 15µVp­p Frequency Response: 0.05Hz­150Hz Time Constant: ≥5s Input Impedance: 50MΩ Input Circuit Current: < 50nA Tolerance Voltage: ±650mV CMRR: ≥105dB Anti Baseline Drift: Automatic Recording System: 210mm, 216mm width thermal printer papers Rhythm lead: ­ single channel and three channels selectable. ­ 12 leads selection for each channel Recording Mode: Auto/Manual/Rhythm Recording Format: 12x1,3x4, 6x2,...

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Device photographs and user interface samples Headquarter China Operations and Technical Support AMBISEATechnology Corp., Ltd CONTINUUM Telehealth Systems Co., Ltd 3905 Two Exchange Square, Suite 7698, Suite 804, Overseas Chinese Venture Bldg, 29 Gaoxin South Ring Rd 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hongkong Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China 518052 Email: info@ambisea.com Website : www.ambisea.com

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