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Application: To be used with insulin pen for injection in diabetes treatment, ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort. The product is known for good compatibility for all major brands of injection pens, like Humapen (Eli Lilly,USA), Novopen(Novo Nordisk,Denmark), ALCOHOL PREP PADS Application: Antiseptic, Use for preparation of the skin prior to an injection to decrease germs in minor cuts and scrapes. Alcohol ( Alco> Packaging: lOOpcs/box Specification: 3*6 cm, saturated Isopropyl Alcohol, 70%v/v.

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Diabetes Care Product Catalog - 2

INSULIN SYRINGES Application: The product is designed and manufactured precisely .The plastic parts are injected with hot runner molds, and ultra-thin needles are fixed permanently.Ultra thin, sharp and spe- cially lubricated needles. No dead space between syringe body to avoid waste of insulin, Graduation lines in bold print for easy readability. Packaging: Self-contained packing and individually packed in blister pouch are available. • Ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort • No liquid medicine left • PE/blister individual package • Needle sizes according to customer's requests...

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Diabetes Care Product Catalog - 3

DIABETES CARE TWIST-OFF BLOOD LANCETS Application: Lancing is part of the blood glucose testing process. Lancets are the fine needles used with a lancing device to draw a blood sample for glucose testing. Round Type Flat Type Flat and round types available Part#: BL-R/F-XXG Packaging: lOOpcs/box (Box is customizable for OEM). Specification: Stainless Steel (AISI 304), 5years shelf-life, European Standard EN/ISOl 1607-2 compliant, R Sterile, GS1 System compliant barcode, EO sterile, One-Time use only. Compatible with lancing devices: Autolet® Series, Penlet™ Series, ULT-Lance™ Series and...

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Diabetes Care Product Catalog - 4

SAFETY LANCETS Model: PASL (Pressure Activated Safety Lancet) Suggested Test Areas: Ward blood glucose Suggested Patient Areas: Diabetes Clinics. Paediatrics. Geriatrics. Home use. Diabetes clinics/hospital wards for blood glucose Hemoglobin (blood banks), cholesterol, blood typing, coagulation, blood gas and other diagnostic tests. As above but for thicker adult skin. 21G Blade Neonatal Green Special baby care and maternity units for heel puncture - neonates and newborns. Model: ADSL (Adjustable Depth Safety Lancet) Light Blue Model: BALS (Button Activated Safety Lancet) AMBISEA Technology...

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Diabetes Care Product Catalog - 5

DIABETES CARE LANCING DEVICES Application: All devices available for round and flat lancets. It can be used to clinical blood testing and diabetes self-test use. Regular Lancing Device Part# : ARCH-MI Packaging: Ipc/bag Regular Lancing Device Part# : ARCH-HIT Packaging: Ipc/bag Lancing Device with ejection Part# : ARCHI-A Packaging: Ipc/bag depths with safe ejection, ASLAIso available in black Lancing Device with ejection Part* : ARCH-V Packaging: Ipc/bag depths, Safe lancet ejection. Lancing Device with ejection, Part* : ARCHI-AA Packaging: Ipc/bag depths, with safe ejection+ available in...

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