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Lancing Devices Application: All devices available for round and flat lancets. It can be used for clinical blood testing and diabetes self-test. Lancing Device with ejection Part#: ARCHIV Packaging: lpc/bag depth, Safe lancet ejection. Regular lancing device Packaging: lpc/bag Specifications^ adjustable depths. Twist-off Blood Lancets Flat and round types available Application: Lancing is part of the blood glucose testing process. Lancets are the fine needles used with a lancing device to draw a blood sample for glucose testing. X=F for flat type, R for Round type-J "LYYY= 21 G,23G,26G,. Specifications: Stainless Steel(AISI 304), 5 years shelf-life. European Standard EN/ISOl 1607-2 compliant, R Sterile, GS1 System compliant barcode, One-Time use only. Compatible with lancing devices: Autolet® Series, Penlet"'" Series, ULT-Lance!u Series and more ... Length comparison table

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Safety Lancets Model: PASL (Pressure Activated Safety Lancet) Model :ADSL (Adjustable Depth Safety lancet) Model: BASL (Button Activated Safety Lancet) AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd 3905 Two Exchange Square, Suite 7498. 8 Connaughl Place, Central, Hongkong 29 Gaoxin Soulh Ring Rood. Nanshan District. Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China 518057

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Diabetic Disposable Portfolio - 3

Application: To be used with insulin pen for injection in diabetes treatment, ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort. Our pen needles ore known for good compatibility with oil major brands of injection pens, such as Humapen (Eli Lilly,USAJ, Novopen (Novo Nordisk, Denmark] and pens from Sanofi Aventis (France). * Transparent Outer protection * Color marked needle protector * Color marked single label to distinguish needle size * Latex free * Stainless steel (AISI 304] with Triple Bevel tip * Thin wall (internal diameter), Film Coated with Silicone * GS1 System compliant Barcode *...

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Diabetic Disposable Portfolio - 4

Insulin Syringes Application: The product is designed and manufactured precisely .The plastic parts are injected with hot runner molds, and ultra-thin needles are fixed permanently. Ultra thin, sharp and specially lubricated needles. No dead space between syringe body to avoid waste of insulin, Graduation lines in bold print for easy readability. Packaging: Self-contained packing and individually packed in blister pouch are available. * Ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort * No liquid medicine left * PE/blister individual package * Needle sizes according to customer's requests...

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