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Ambu's company philosophy has always been the desire to make life easier for doctors and to find innovative products that can save lives. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key for Ambu. Always have been. Always will be. Fields of Excellence Anaesthesia With the innovative development of the first self-inflating resuscitator, the "Ambu bag” in 1956, Ambu forever changed the history of saving lives. Now more than half a century later we are still dedicated to the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify workflow and the daily life of the anaesthetists to the...

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AuraGain Ambu AuraGain is the only anatomically curved SGA with integrated gastric access and intubation capability, taking patient safety and airway management efficiency to a new level. Ambu AuraOnce Available in eight convenient sizes, AuraOnce from Ambu is the ideal alternative to a traditional face mask for achieving and maintaining control of the airway during routine and emergency anaesthetic procedures in fasted patients. It is also an excellent option when unexpected difficulties arise in connection with airway management. Ambu AuraFlex Ambu AuraFlex is a disposable, flexible...

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Ambu AuraGain is the only anatomically curved SGA with integrated gastric access and intubation capability, taking patient safety and airway management efficiency to a new level. The AuraGain is Ambu's 2nd generation laryngeal mask, satisfying 3 fundamental airway management needs by integrating gastric access and intubation capability in an anatomically curved single-use device that facilitates rapid establishment of a safe airway. Features and Benefits: • Integrated gastric access channel for managing gastric content • The original anatomical curve, ensuring rapid placement • Intubating...

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The Ambu® AuraStraight™' provides users with an even greater choice and an alternative to the already popular AuraOnce curved laryngeal mask for use both in anaesthesia and emergency medicine. Ambu AuraStraight comes in a full range of 8 sizes from neonate to large adult. Ambu® AuraFlex™ Ambu® AuraFlex™ is a disposable, flexible laryngeal mask which is specially designed for ENT, ophthalmic, dental and other head and neck surgeries. The challenge of a flexible laryngeal mask is the combination of needs: the ease of insertion and security of the airway needed by the anaesthesiologist, the...

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Face Masks Ambu® Cuff Pressure Gauge Ambu Face Masks Ambu has a long history in the production and selling of quality masks for use both within the hospital and pre-hospital. All Ambu face masks are compatible with the different models and sizes of our resuscitators. There are several options for choosing the correct facial mask according to the needs of the user and the patient. We have a fully transparent, reusable and disposable version of the classic blue silicone masks. The masks are typically used to support ventilation during the preparation of anaesthesia of the patient for the...

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Summary of face masks Ambu® UltraSeal disposable face mask • DEHP free • 7 sizes • Specifically designed for use within anaesthetic departments • Disposable • With or without control valve • 3 year shelf life Ambu® King Mask disposable face mask • Market Leading Design • Cushion is pliable and tacky to the touch, for an excellent face seal • Ribbed on top of the cushion, for a no-slip grip • Anatomically shaped cuff enabling a tight seal with minimum applied pressure • Flexible dome • Clear dome for easy observation of the patient's condition • Latex free • MR Safe • Phthalate-free material...

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Because of the innovative quality design of the Ambu® King Mask, it is the market leading anaesthesia mask design available today. The Ambu® King Mask has a thin and tacky cushion which improves the ability to create a ventilation seal on a variety of patients. The design with rounded edges secures a smooth grip and user comfort. The Ambu® King Mask is made of phthalate-free PVC material for patient and user safety. Furthermore, the Ambu® King Mask can be used in a MR environment, as it is MR Safe. The Ambu® King Mask is also available in a scented version with Fresh Scent, Bubble Gum,...

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Ambu® Disposable Open Cuff Face Masks are designed for use with manual and automatic resuscitators and ventilators.Transparent domes for visual check of bleeding, vomitus, and spontaneous breathing. The masks are made with soft cuffs and shaped for a comfortable fit for both adults and children. The masks are phthalate, pvc free, and are not made with natural rubber latex. Additional information: The Ambu and King Systems face masks are 100% latex and DEHP free. Most of our masks are available with and without a check valve. Features and Benefits: • Transparent for visual check of bleeding,...

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Resuscitators With the innovative development of the new self-inflating "Ambu bag" in 1956, Ambu has forever changed the history of aid. Today, after more than half a century, Ambu is still involved in the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify working conditions for anaesthetists and the benefit of patients. In the field of ventilation Ambu offers a wide range of products, from the ventilator, face masks and laryngeal masks to flexible disposable videoscopes and video laryngoscopes. These products all have their place in the difficult airway algorithm. Summary...

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Adult Paediatric Infant Ambu® PEEP Valves - Disposable Ambu® PEEP Valves are designed for use with manual resuscitators or ventilators, where specified by the manufacturer. • MR conditional, up to 3 Tesla (only disposable PEEP valve) • Unique resistance • Direct connection without adapter Ambu® PEEP Valves - Disposable Product Specification Product item no. 199 103 001 Type Ambu Disposable PEEP Valve 20, with adapter for respirators/CPAP system 22/19 mm Can be purchased singly or in a box quantity of 10. The Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer for single patient use is intended to be used...

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