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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 1

fimbulanccmed fimbul ones mad AmbulanceMed, who combines technical expertise with the commercial ones and maintains with national/international experience, has led the delivery of thousands of ambulances until today. Today, our ambulances and our mobile health vehicles are traveling safely on the roads based in 4 continents. Recently, we have managed to improve designing top structure vehicles for the all over the world.

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 2

Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulance GMC Ambulance NISSAN Ambulance Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance Volkswagen Transporter Ambulance Mercedes Patient Transport Type Ambulance Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Toyota Hiace Ambulance Ford Emergency Ambulance Ford Patient Transport Land Cruiser 4×4 Ambulance Armored Ambulance We are achieving in order to protect health workers’ freedom areas and enable them to make better service to the patients. Our aim is to make perfect comfort and driving abilities of the ambulances and the mobile clinic vehicles. We are proud of manufacturing the ambulances and the...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 3

Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulance The Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulances The Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulances are completely harmonious with EN1789 ambulance standards. Technical and medical materials, used in the ambulance, are compatible with 10G (crash test) certificate. Seats, platforms of the stretcher, stretchers, and medical device tools, which will be assembled, is proper En1789 ambulance standards. Mercedes ambulance is manufactured as being proper for the ministry of health specification. Mercedes emergency Ambulance is manufactured with the left side, the right side, and the...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 4

Mercedes Emergency Type

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 5

Mercedes Emergency Type Technical and Medical Equipment in Mercedes Ambulance There are headlamps that work with led on the back and front ceilings providing that looking from outside. These lamps can be controlled from the vehicle driver’s cabin; moreover, they have a feature of voiced warning. The back projector, which is based in the headlamp, is able to light the ambulance’s main stretcher as long as the ambulance’s door has been opened. Mercedes Ambulance patient compartment is wide enough to enable transporting and making a medical intervention to two patients at the same time while...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 6

Mercedes Emergency Type -Outdoor Lighting of the Ambulance There is outdoor lighting that works simultaneously with 6 blue and red ambulance headlamp on the outside of the ambulance. -Cupboard System of the Mercedes Ambulance It is used PVC coating based on foamboard material in the Mercedes ambulance cabinets and the cabinet systems. Ambulance cupboard covers can be manufactured as orange, blue or white. The materials used in the covers are antibacterial. It is used foamboard material which has a 17mm thickness in the cupboard covers. Foamboard material is manufactured as 1.1k/m3...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 7

Mercedes Emergency Type -Mercedes Ambulance Defibrillator Device It is mounted the top of the main stretcher in the ambulance. It has features of EKG, SPO2. Moreover, it is at least 250 joules. A patient’s condition can be traced from a monitor. -Mercedes Ambulance Ventilator Device It is mounted beside the main stretcher in the ambulance. It works with the ambulance oxygen system. It has 2 hours average use time provided full battery. Also, it can be used with a portable oxygen tube out of the ambulance. The device works with a built-in battery. Battery’s lifetime is an average of 2 years....

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 8

Mercedes Emergency Type -Mercedes Ambulance Patient Cabinet Seats There are 2 staff seats, which are compatible with en1789 norms, in the patient compartment. Seats look through the cruising direction while the ambulance is in motion. Seats have a safety belt with 3 points. Also, they can lie to back at most 160 degrees. The ambulance cabinet internal surfaces are rounded in order to prevent possible accidents while the ambulance in motion. -Mercedes Ambulance Oxygen System There are two oxygen tubes produced 2×10 aluminum in the ambulance. These tubes are located on the left side provided...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 9

Ambulance Description As Ambulancemed, we apply our American type ambulance on GMC vehicles and as such, we encounter many demands from the Middle East. In this ambulance model, which is called Type II according to American standards, coating and cabinet systems made of fiberglass material are used on vehicles of the GMC brand. On the left side of the vehicle are cupboard systems and a fixed oxygen system for medical equipment. There are also drawers for medical supplies and a doctor’s seat on the vehicle’s separator wall. Upon the request of the user, a single-seat or two seats can be...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 11

NISSAN Ambulance The vehicle is charged via this cable. While the vehicle is in motion, it is provided with a full sinus inverter device located behind the seat in the 220V electric drive section required for the medical devices inside. There is a rectifier device beside the inverter device. Vehicle batteries are also charged through this device. There is also an additional battery under the Nissan ambulance driver’s cabin. When the ambulance is not in motion, the necessary lighting and 12V electricity requirement for the cabin is provided with a spare battery without using the vehicle’s...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 13

Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance Description Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance features a high roof, long chassis, diesel engine, and manual transmission. The ambulance is produced with a right-hand drive, but it can also be produced as a left-hand drive if desired. From the back door, in the ambulance patient compartment, there are oxygen cylinders, oxygen humidification, and oxygen blowing systems in the right-side area. Although the ambulance chair stretcher is located in the left side area of the Volkswagen Ambulance patient cabin, the ambulance spine board is also available on the chair...

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 14

Volkswagen Crafter

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Ambulance Catalog EN 2020 - 15

Volkswagen Transporter The emergency type of the Volkswagen transporter ambulance works with a high-roof diesel engine. In addition to the ambulance, it also has an external air conditioner and a diesel fuel heater. In addition to the right side of the transporter ambulance, glass is placed in the ambulance cabin to provide a bright space. On the outside of the vehicle, there are 3 blue lights on the right side and 3 blue on the left side. On top of the ambulance, there is a led type outdoor lighting system located at the front and back. Outdoor lighting has lighting features that can...

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