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A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System - 1

A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System Product Group Coloproctology | Issue 04/2017 – Safe, gentle and effective treatment for all grades of haemorrhoids in one procedure – Doppler ultrasound technology for the precise, customised detection of haemorrhoidal arteries in each patient – Handle with high-performance LED's for bright, even illumination and a clear

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A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System - 2

A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System The A.M.I. HAL and RAR methods HAL (Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) The HAL method is suitable for treating low to medium grade haemorrhoids, and is extremely effective in addressing the symptoms of haemorrhoidal disease. The ligations serve to reduce the arterial blood supply, causing the haemorrhoidal cushions to shrink back to normal size. 1. The handle with the RAR Flexi Probe is introduced into the rectum, then rotated slowly to search for arteries. The loudest Doppler signal indicates the centre of the artery. 2. Once the first artery has been found, it is...

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A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System - 3

Since the introduction of these minimally-invasive methods, many tens of thousands of patients have been treated with them and excellent results achieved in terms of effectiveness, patient-friendliness and safety. Effective - Treatment of the three main symptoms - bleeding, itching and pain - with HAL - Treatment of the prolapse with RAR Patient-friendly - Minimal pain - Quick recovery Safety Conventional haemorrhoidectomy Safety - Fewer intra-operative complications - Fewer post-operative complications Stapler method Outpatient procedures HAL / RAR Furthermore, the operation can be...

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A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System - 4

Product Technical Details 230 V adapter or battery operation 1 unit (385 mm x 140 mm x 260 mm) 2 handles 2 instruments 2 instruments 1 box 1 box 2 adapters Set consists of: - AHE 203 A.M.I. HAL-II Electronic System, incl. rechargeable battery - AHH 001 A.M.I. HAL Handle - AHK 007 A.M.I. HAL Knotpusher - AHN 006 A.M.I. HAL Needleholder - RAR2081 RAR Flexi Probe - AHAL 70 A.M.I. HAL Suture - AHA 00x A.M.I. HAL-II Adapter (x = 1,2,3,4,5) A.M.I. HAL Handle Reusable aluminium handle for use with the A.M.I. HAL-II Electronic System and probes RAR Flexi Probe Disposable probe and sleeve set for...

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