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A.M.I.® ATOMS System ATOMS = Adjustable TransObturator Male System Product Group Urology | Issue 05/2019 Hydraulic system substitutes urinary sphincter function in incontinent males – Long-term, adjustable implant – Hydraulic system with no mechanical parts – Innovative, anatomical 4-point fixation The system is suitable for all degrees of urinary incontinence, and can also be used after radiother

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System The treatment of male stress urinary incontinence still presents a significant challenge, particularly after radical prostatectomy. The A.M.I. ATOMS System combines a minimally-invasive and low-risk method with the option of quick and easy adjustment to the system at any time after the implantation. 1 Suburethral substitute sphincter cushion 4 Mesh arms for fixation The suburethral substitute sphincter cushion - is the central part of the implant and filled via the port-catheter connection after the operation. Patient-specific adjustment requires no surgical...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Hydraulic System ATOMS is made up entirely of components that function hydraulically. Patients are therefore spared the difficulties caused by defects which may occur in mechanical components months or years after the implantation. hr uret lume re on n vo i ssu ase f pre Incre ent o stm adju -term Scrotal Port The distal, suburethral placement of the implant underneath the bulbospongiosus muscle allows for use of the system even after radiotherapy. The symmetrical positioning below the urethra is achieved by a 4-point fixation. The small, pre-attached scrotal port is...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Features of ATOMS Why a mesh that loops around the inferior pubic ramus? Firmer hold and infection prophylaxis. The ingenious, patented idea of looping the mesh around the bone as a holding structure is worth mentioning. The integrated mesh will be placed around the inferior pubic ramus, which leads to several advantages: The macroporous mesh integrates well into the tissue. The engraftment leads to an extra firm hold, which is relevant for optimal surgical results. In addition to the firm hold, the macroporous mesh also offers the advantage of reduced foreign body...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Features of ATOMS Tunnellers from A.M.I.: uncompromised quality The ATOMS implant is secured by a transobturator-approach at four points with the mesh arms. Subcutaneous tunnelling is carried out with helical multiuse tunnellers, which are used to draw the integrated mesh arms through the obturator foramen. The arms are then tied to the pre-positioned attachment sutures, ensuring the implant is anchored firmly in place. Eco-friendly A.M.I. has a clear commitment in protecting the environment and conserving resources. In all areas of business, we take special care to be...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Patient satisfaction Help your patients win back the quality of life! “In January 2009 I had surgery for total removal of my prostate. The result of that was severe urinary incontinence with a complete loss of quality of life: sporting, cultural and many other everyday activities were only possible with extreme limitations. I was saved from this seemingly hopeless situation by my urologist, who implanted an ATOMS System for me. With it, I regained my previous quality of life. Now I can do everything that had previously been important to me: cross-country skiing, hiking,...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Evidence Effectiveness of Adjustable Transobturator Male System (ATOMS) to Treat Male Stress Incontinence: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis Itroductio Adjustable transobturator male system (ATOMS) is a surgical device developed to treat male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after prostate surgery. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of the ATOMS device to treat male SUI as described in the literature. Methods: Two independent reviewers identified studies eligible for a systematic review and meta-analysis of various sources written in English, German...

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A.M.I.® ATOMS System Order Code ATS5041 Technical Details A.M.I. ATOMS System Adjustable system to substitute urinary sphincter function in incontinent males Width of tape: Dimensions of cushion: Materials: Mesh and sutures of polypropylene Catheter and cushion of silicone Adjustment port of silicone and titanium 1 single-use system, delivered sterile A.M.I. Headquarters A.M.I. GmbH Im Letten 1 6800 Feldkirch Austria t +43 5522 90505-0 e  For transobturatoric 4-point fixation Scrotal Port for ATOMS Silicone-wrapped titanium port with...

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