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FiXcision - 1

FiXcision Product Group Coloproctology | Issue 05/2019 Precise excision of anal fistulas – Controlled cutting – Minimizes tissue trauma – Fast operating t

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FiXcision - 2

FiXcision FiXcision: Convincingly simple The FiXcision instrument enables the circumferential tissue removal to treat simple anal fistulas. This is done in just a few simple steps: – Probing of the fistula tract – Compression of the affected tissue by insertion of the guide – Tissue removal of the complete circumference of the fistula tract by cutting alongside the guide A circular excision of the fistula epithelium is possible for simple anal fistulas with a length up to 5 cm. The FiXcision instrument is provided as a complete, sterile instrument set, which consists of the following: 1)...

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