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The Urilyzer® 100 combines Analyticon’s 30 years of experience in urine testing with an innovative instrumentation enabling a new way in urinalysis. In combination with the Combi­Screen® 11 SYS PLUS urine test strips the system offers uncompromising ease of use, high quality and efficiency in a compact format. The Urilyzer® 100 Pro additionaly provides enhanced operator management and connectivity capabilities to meet the growing demands for compliance management and data capture. The Uri­lyzer® 100 series is the most advanced urinalysis system available. agile - affordable - accurate

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Start-Up Wizard - On first usage the operator can select the language. Afterwards, the Start-Up Wizard leads through - The Start-Up Wizard enables the user to perform measurements without having to go through the complete User Manual Autostart function - Automatic start of the measurement after placing the urine test strip on the strip holder - Simplifies operation of the analyzer and makes the workflow more independent of the user - Hygienic and clean operation Convenient connectivity - Data can be transferred via serial connection or Ethernet (Pro version only) - A variety of interfaces...

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The Urilyzer 100 offers a broad range of optimized usability features. The intuitive user interface improves data entry and allows manual entry of color and turbidity from a predefined list or by an additional comment. More­over, the system provides the user with a high level of customization with flexible testing and reporting options. The intelligent data management provides multiple filter options. The Pro version additionally offers an automated QC analysis with QC test reminders and supports a lot code documentation. In terms of system security the Pro version allows the allocation of...

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Intelligent data management ■ ■ Advanced data entry ■ ■ (e.g. color, clarity, lot, expiry) Customized testing and reporting options ■ ■ Serial interface to host computer/LIS ■ ■ Optional barcode scanning ■ ■ Recommendation for additional sediment - ■ Memory capacity • test results Operator management Adaption of the system security Ehternet connectivity Technical specifications Type: reflectance photometer wavelengths: 505, 530, 620, 660 nm Throughput: up to 120 tests/hour in fast mode and up to 50 tests/hour in normal mode Memory: patient tests: 1000 / 3000 (Pro version) and QC tests: 500...

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