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High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS

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The contrAA® series of Analytik Jena exceeds the performance of conventional AA spectrometers in all parameters. The High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS represents a previously unattained effectiveness and quality of measurement results. The series comprises three instruments: contrAA® 300 for flame and hydride technology, contrAA® 600 for graphite furnace technology, contrAA® 700, a compact, versatile system for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technology. Following decades of experience in the development of spectrometers and graphite furnaces and in cooperation with partners from...

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contrAA® - High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) Unerring results call for consistent preparation and the very best equipment. The time factor is reduced to a mini- mum with the required expertise and sophisticated technology. Xenon lamp Echelle grating DOUBLE MONOCHROMATOR

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Infinite Latitude with only One Light Source Extreme Flexibility with Minimum Workload contrAA® reduces the preparation phase of the measuring process to a minimum. With only one light source for all elements and all available wavelengths, the instrument is ready to measure at all times. The previous dependence of the measurement on hollow cathode lamps is eliminated and the associated costly preparation time no longer applies. The protracted burn-in time of the light source, necessary for conventional line sources, is not required. Expanded Application Spectrum The use of a xenon lamp as a...

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contrAA® - High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) Simple Method Development for Sequential Multi-Element Analysis The Environment of the Analysis Line becomes The contrAA®, with its high-resolution echelle spectro- meter, makes method development conceivably simple even for complex samples. Aside from the intensity of the analysis line, the spectral environment is also recorded simultaneously. As a result, noise or interfer- ence are immediately visible. The need for optimizing or correcting the parameters is identified without additional measurement. Conventional sources of error...

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Brochure contrAA series (English) - 7

Taking Aim In order to attain the objective precisely without deviations, it is of crucial importance to aim precisely. The selection of the method and the optimization of processes are essential criteria in the procedure aimed for.

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contrAA® – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) The Correct Choice The selection of the correct tool leads to the desired result. If the method is mature and optimized, it defines the necessary preparatory steps towards the solution. Hydride systems Autosampler with online dilution

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Short Preparation Time for High Sample Throughput Greater Efficiency in the Laboratory We help you to optimize the workday routine in the laboratory. Now the application determines line selection. Standardized sample preparation may now be adequate for different elements and concentration ranges in order to realize the entire measuring process. You are able to select the line best suited for the element to be analyzed and the concentration range. Different dilutions are therefore avoided. The user obtains reliable and precise measurement results. This saves time and chemicals and also...

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Brochure contrAA series (English) - 10

contrAA® – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) The Direct Analysis of Solids as a True Alternative in AAS Aligning the Parameters The suspense heightens. The parameters are optimized and set. Automated dosing and coordination of all the relevant factors proceed.

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Brochure contrAA series (English) - 11

Intelligent Innovation pushes back Limits With the contrAA® 600 and the contrAA® 700, the direct analysis of solids by AAS has now become a real alternative for many applications. HR-CS AAS is the method of choice, since it combines key advantages. The user is no longer limited to trace analysis, because insensitive lines can also be used without problems. Moreover, the method overcomes the limits of Zeeman AAS with respect to background correction. Liquid Option for Flexible Work Equipped with a novel liquid dosing module, allowing automated calibration out of a stock solution and modifier...

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contrAA® – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) Intelligent Instrument Technology Controls the Automated Measuring Process Automatic optimization of the furnace program Transverse Heated Graphite Furnace (THGF) and Optimized Temperature Control The transverse heated graphite furnace guarantees optimum atomization and the highest precision of results. This state-of-the-art concept has been used successfully for many years in our graphite furnace systems. A special optical sensor monitors the temperatures. That ensures optimum sensitivity and guarantees a long service life of the...

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Brochure contrAA series (English) - 13

The Concentration Phase The objective is defined and the aim is precise. Efforts are focused. Optimized routines now initiate the measuring process.

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contrAA® – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) The Path into the Third Dimension The Starting Shot for Interaction Within a fraction of a second, the interaction of all decisive parameters commences. The different processes proceed simultaneously, oriented towards the objective.

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Brochure contrAA series (English) - 15

Two-dimensional signal plot of the absorbance subject to wavelength Three-dimensional signal plot of the absorbance subject to time and wavelength Novel Detector Technology Our detector technology is based on a CCD chip, which is used for the first time in AAS. The pixels are illuminated and read out simultaneously and act as independent detectors. 200 pixels of the chip are used for the analytical function. All corrections necessary in AAS are performed by reference pixels. 3D Spectroscopy for more Information Content Conventional measurement of absorbance over time is supplemented by a...

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contrAA® – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) Spectrum after broadband background correction Spectrum after correction of the structured background Reference Pixels for a Realtime Correction Effective and rapid background correction is a basic prerequisite for correct measurement results in AAS and especially in the graphite furnace technique. The limits of the methods previously used can be seen here. In HR-CS AAS fully automatic background routines use the available reference pixels for background correction. That enables realtime simultaneous correction, for the first time....

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