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Trace analysis of mercury – a global challenge Analytical certainty down to the ng level Its high energy output adds considerably to the sensitivity of the method. Thanks to its high excellent detection limits and its wide Increasingly stricter requirements linear measuring range, atomic fluorescence spectrometry is often The growing industrialization, with the development of ever new the method of choice in mercury trace analysis. On the other hand, technologies and materials, leads to increasing pollution of the atomic absorption has its advantages in difficult sample matrices because of...

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Fluorescence Measuring Cell Optimum enrichment To adapt the mercur to varied analytical tasks, you can choose between three enrichment modes: no enrichment, simple enrichment, and cascade enrichment. The cascade enrichment feature, compliant to EPA 1631 requirements, comprises two coupled gold collectors, which ensures clean separation of the matrix and prevents quenching effects – thus providing maximum dependability even with complex samples. Enrichment times can be varied to match the sample matrix or mercur — Fully automated mercury analyzer with autosampler AS 52 s the expected mercury...

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The difference is in the detail Light source Quartz window entrance Absorption cell Quartz lens 1 Quartz window with exit slit Fluorescence cell Movable photomultiplier mercur – the mercury analyzer from Analytik Jena Efficient protection The mercur is a compact system specially optimized for the com- The mercur displays its true strength when handling complicated plete, cost-efficient determination of mercury traces. samples such as foaming solutions. These occur frequently in everyday laboratory practice and involve a high risk of contamina- Highly automated – in combination with an...

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Fluorescence Measuring Cell Clever dosage Two pump systems separately meter sample and reagents and transport them to the reactor. Sample solution and acid are fed to the reactor in segments, controlled by a set of valves. The reductant is fed directly into the reactor. There the two solutions meet at an acute angle. The resulting chemical reaction immediately releases atomic mercury vapor. This mode of separating sample and acid ensures fast cleaning of the pump tubing after aspiration of the sample solution. This helps to save time and reduces the amount of reagents needed. It...

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Prime considerations: operating convenience and automation Functionality and comfort from system control to data The WinAAS® control and data analysis software provides optimum operation, for routine operation as well as for research. A method library comprising a number of different basic routine methods matching the various operating modes, facilitates the use of the mercur in everyday routine and permits method optimization in the case of more complex analyses. WinAAS® fulfills all the requirements of modern routine and research laboratories, at highest operating convenience. Intuitive...

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Continuous, efficient operation The fundamental concept of the mercur permits continuous operation, whether in combination with the autosampler for maximum sample throughput, or in manual configuration: Automatic metering of reagents and sample Automatic flushing of the tubings Automatic cleaning of the carrier gas Combination with the autosampler ensures highly efficient laboratory work in your lab. High sample throughput, shortest possible tubing paths due to integration of the sampler, continuous flushing to avoid carry-over – it is the combination of these features that facilitates the...

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