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solid AA® Direct. Fast. Easy.

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Intelligent innovation for fast and precise analysis Conventional methods of elemental analysis can only process liquid samples. Solids, therefore, are subject to a timeconsuming sample preparation process. Analytik Jena‘s solid AA® technology offers an interesting alternative: The direct solid AAS. Solid samples in powder form, granulates and fibers, but also paste-like materials such as cream, sludge or viscous oils can usually be analyzed directly in the graphite furnace without any need for sample preparation. Heterogeneous samples are merely reduced to a smaller size and homogenized...

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solid AA® – Fast, precise, easy If solid samples are analyzed directly, the amount of work and time required for the sample preparation is reduced to a minimum. Apart from saving time, there are several other main advantages: Analysis of the original sample With solid AA® your samples can be analyzed without additional reagents. Consequently, the risk of contamination of these samples caused by blank values is reduced significantly. Dilution errors or analyte loss during sample preparation and storage are impossible. Wide measurement range The dilution, which invariably accompanies a...

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Solid analysis technology Direct. Fast. Easy. All graphite furnace systems by Analytik Jena can be upgraded with the solid AA® technology. Three different sample supply systems are available: SSA 6 – manual solid sampler The manual solid sampler is suitable for the occasional solid analysis. The sample is weighed on a separate microbalance and is brought into the graphite furnace by means of the sampler. After the analysis is complete, the sample carrier is immediately ready for use for the next sample. SSA 600 – fully automated solid sampler An autosampler for the fully automated analysis...

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Technical Data Sample carrier Material Graphite, pyrolytic-coated Sample capacity (solid) approx. 50 mg (depending on sample characteristics) Sample capacity (liquid) SSA 600 42 samples (84 samples with twin sample tray) Speed levels SSA 600L (in addition to the SSA 600) Dosing module 500 µL syringe pump, mounted vertically Dosing volume Systems | Technical Data Sample capacity

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solid AA® – For a broad application spectrum Food analysis The determination of heavy metals in fish, meat and sausage products or in vegetables, grain and milk powder are typical application fields of atomic spectrometry. The solid AA® technology is an interesting alternative to the conventional analysis of digested samples, for the determination of, for example, cadmium, lead and arsenic in rice. After the representative sample has been ground and homogenized, it is ready for fast and direct analysis. This process allows a high sample throughput with less effort and therefore a consistent...

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Environmental analysis Whether in soils or plants – heavy metal determination is an important part of environment-related examinations as well. With solid AA®, users can obtain precise results fast and easy − even if no fully equipped laboratory is available. Airborne dust and particle samples, for example, can be placed on the sample carrier and analyzed directly from the filter. As part of a study, the heavy metal distribution in trees near a landfill was determined. Samples were taken directly from individual annual rings and analyzed with regard to different characteristic elements. In...

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solid AA® – For a broad application spectrum Analysis in cosmetics Cosmetic products must be tested for heavy metals on a regular basis. The formula component content must be verified as well. With solid AA® such analyses are carried out promptly during the production process. Since the measurement results are available in a very short time, the quality of the raw materials can already be assured during the delivery. The determination of lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel and other elements is part of the daily routine in manufacturing cosmetics and its raw materials, such as, for example,...

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Pharmaceutical analysis Raw materials and products of the pharmaceutical industry can also be examined fast and reliably. Next to the prompt availability of the results, the detection sensitivity, which is considerably improved compared to the fluid analysis, is another important criteria here. Analyses in the lower µg/kg range can easily be carried out and the high product quality can be guaranteed. solid AA® is particularly well suited for a homogeneity test as well. The small sample quantity allows for the detection of the uneven distribution of one or more characteristic elements with...

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solid AA® – For a broad application spectrum Material analysis | Metallurgy Analysis in metallurgy Modern high performance materials, such as ceramics, glasses and specific alloys are subject to the highest purity requirements. Even contaminations in the lower mg/kg range can significantly limit the material‘s performance for the desired purpose of use. A highly sensitive and precise analysis method is required – solid AA®! The analysis of specific trace elements in alloys that are used to manufacture aircraft turbines is decisive in ensuring the reliability of the components. Due to the...

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This can be avoided with the solid AA® technology, since the sample merely has to be reduced to a smaller size. The determination of the trace elements then usually occurs without any prob-lems and without much effort. Without diluting the sample, even the smallest concentrations can be determined reliably. (secondary wavelength) Blue = background signal Blue = background signal Application examples Plastics, rubber Reference material (homogeneity) Refractory glasses, ceramics Material analysis | Metallurgy Material analysis Special highly stable ceramics, such as carbide and oxide, are...

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solid AA® – For a broad application spectrum Analysis in electronics In the semiconductor industry, high-purity materials are used, which are specifically spiked with particular elements with the goal to modify the material properties. Even the slightest contamination is sufficient to render the material useless. This is why the detection of the smallest traces of elements is part of the daily routine in the semiconductor production – a task that requires the highest level of detection sensitivity and precision. With solid AA® a relatively large sample quantity can be analyzed in undiluted...

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