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compEAct Series Refineries, QC and contract labs are asking for a new generation of elemental analyzers. Analyzers that can be operated by almost anyone, yet delivering quality results in the shortest possible time, with high ease of use and low maintenance. It can be done! The compEAct series offers the smallest footprint of the market along with proven Analytik Jena technology for high-throughput determination of sulfur and nitrogen. Its uncompromising analytical performance comes with a completely new design and operating concept. The integrated touch screen makes it the first...

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Simply Yours compEAct is the ULTIMATE analyzer for demanding high-throughput applications. Precise results, high ease of use and low maintenance make it the perfect partner for contract and QC laboratories in the industry and research institutions. High-performance concentrated in the smallest spaces The compEAct features a small footprint combined with an interactive operating concept. Using an integrated, powerful computer and a touch screen for operation and data evaluation, it is the first stand-alone elemental analyzer in the world. The highly responsive, high-contrast touch screen is...

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Simply Better – Why a compEAct Belongs in Every Lab Ideal for unattended operation around the clock Flexible automation and short analysis times for high sample throughput High precision, ultra-low detection limits, broad linear operation range Low maintenance, short warm-up for less downtime Automated workflows including gas shut-off, standby, wake-up, can be optimized to the daily demand Smallest ever footprint – including autosampler and control unit Integrated PC with interactive touch screen and LAN/LIMS capabilities High ease of use, low costs and low maintenance Application...

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Simply Efficient Cost effectiveness is now one of the most important criteria when buying analyzers. The limits of analytical feasibility have long since been reached. Today, footprint, manpower, and increased productivity are decisive factors. Efficient and compact Contrary to other single element analyzers controlled from an external PC, the compEAct combines all relevant system components, including a control and evaluation unit and touch screen in a single module. And thereby actually saves space – 60 % compared with other vertical systems. Short measurement times and high throughput...

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Simply Intuitive The EAvolution software of the compEAct sets standards in simplicity and functionality. Tailored to the high demands of fully-automated and digitized laboratories, it easily guides users in their daily routine, regardless of prior knowledge and experience. In a nutshell An elemental analyzer as easy to use as a smartphone – with compEAct this dream becomes reality. With the look of a simple smartphone app, EAvolution provides full access to all the important functions of a device software at the tip of your finger. A pictogram-based interface, flat substructures and a Quick...

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Pictures: Analytik Jena AG Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! en ■ 02/2017 ■ 888-31003-2-B Forster & Borries GmbH & Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG analytikjena An Endress+Hauser Company

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