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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Atomic Absorption. Redefined. contrAA 800

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Your Core Element – contrAA 800 Multi-element analysis and ease of use at a manageable cost. The contrAA 800 combines the best of standard AAS instruments and ICP-OES spectrometers. Take your demand for precision and performance to the next level. Fast multi-element analysis ■ ■ ■ C over the entire element range of AAS with a single lamp R educe measurement time by up to 30% thanks to fast-sequential analysis Real simultaneous measurement for selected applications Accurate results with maximum precision ■ ■ ■ Ensure optimal detection limits with high-resolution optics F lexible method...

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Atomic Absorption. Redefined.

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Any Wavelength. Any Element. Any Time. Ready to analyze any element without lamp exchange. Comprehensive and detailed information for each sample increases confidence in results and extends your AAS applications. Inspiration from practical experience The contrAA 800 was developed – by laboratory experts, for laboratory experts – to be as compact and as easy to use as possible. With the dual atomizer concept, both flame and graphite furnace atomization are combined in a compact sample compartment with minimized footprint and maximum performance. The automatic atomizer change and the...

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High resolution – confidence in results A high-resolution spectrometer with a CCD detector maps a high-resolution absorption spectrum for each sample. Thus, providing comprehensive and extremely detailed information on the sample. The 3D spectrum display allows for visual proof of the correct evaluation of the absorption lines and their spectral background. It provides a tool for checking the absence of spectral interferences, which serves to assure correct measurements and strengthens confidence in results. for routine applications. Comprehensive quality control functions guarantee...

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Access All Areas – Your Universal Analyzer An extensive range of accessories significantly expands the possibilities of applications and facilitates your lab work. Autosampler for high sample throughput – AS-F/AS-FD and AS-GF Enables fully automated routine analysis in a 24/7 environment ■ Automatic cleaning control prevents contamination of subsequent samples ■ AS-FD and AS-GF allow fully automated sample dilution to a ratio of 1:800 ■ Minimum effort in sample preparation with direct solid sampling – SSA 600 O ptimized sample carrier for many kinds of solids ensures a reliable transfer...

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Meeting Industry Needs The all-rounder in elemental analysis established in many laboratories worldwide. Convincing performance in different applications. Beyond one industry Small footprint, low operating cost, and ease of use make the contrAA 800 an indispensable partner in many industries. It provides support for process monitoring and sets high standards in quality control. Thanks to its high-resolution optics, the contrAA 800 enables several new applications, particularly in research and development. Clients from various industries, e.g. food & agriculture, metals & mining,...

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A nalytik ena AG J Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 07745 Jena ⋅ Germany Phone +49 3641 77 70 Fax +49 3641 77 9279 Pictures: Analytik Jena AG, p. 7: iStockphoto®/SeanPavone, iStockphoto®/assalve Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development. High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) was developed in cooperation between the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences – ISAS – and A nalytik ena and is firmly established on the market J with the contrAA series of instruments. en · 04/2020· 888-11004-2 Förster &...

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