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Quecksilberanalytik Mercury Analysis The Dedicated Mercury Trace Analyzer mercur DUO plus

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mercur DUO plus Trace analysis of mercury is a global challenge. The growing industrialization, with the development of ever new technologies and materials, leads to increasing pollution of the environment. Mercury is a particularly critical polluting element due to its toxicity. Standards and legislation worldwide continue to become ever more stringent. The maximum permissible concentrations of mercury are lower than those of any other routinely monitored element. Hg contents need to be determined with high certainty and repeatability down to the ultratrace level. mercur DUO plus – the...

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mercur DUO plus The Dedicated Mercury Trace Analyzer

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Analytical Certainty Down to the ng Level Modern techniques for mercury analysis have to meet a number of clear and exacting requirements: ■■ igh sensitivity and selectivity H ■■ High sample throughput ■■ Interference-free methods ■■ Easy routine operation Atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence – in one system The mercur DUO plus analyzer detects mercury contents by means of atomic fluorescence (AFS) or atomic absorption (AAS). Atomic fluorescence spectrometry, unlike absorption spectrometry, measures the fluorescence radiation emitted by a sample. The mercur uses a high-energy...

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An added advantage: cold vapor technique The mercur DUO plus combines the advantages of a highly sensitive detection technology and the cold vapor technique. Using the cold vapor technique, mercury is converted to the gaseous state by reduction of the dissolved cation with SnCl2 and separated from the solution. The gaseous mercury is carried to the fluorescence or absorption cell by an argon gas stream. As the analyte is separated from the matrix, interferences and matrix effects are almost completely eliminated. Optimum enrichment To adapt the mercur DUO plus to varied analytical tasks,...

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Prime Considerations: Operating Convenience and Automation Comprehensive data processing and quality control The WinAAS control and data analysis software not only handles all everyday routine tasks but also meets the strictest requirements of quality control. It provides optimum operation, for routine operation as well as for research. The software’s automatic and versatile quality control system monitors your analytical data and releases appropriate instrument response if permissible limits are exceeded. A schematic action chart visualizes the simultaneous and sequential processes during...

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mercur DUO plus – an Instrument for Many Applications Mercury analysis is employed in a wide range of fields. Due to the harmful influence on the human organism, mercury is a focus of close attention: In medical disciplines such as occupational medicine and dentistry, as well as in drinking water and food control. Wherever mercury concentrations must be strictly monitored to avoid violation of prescribed concentration limits, a system which can measure lowest mercury contents with certainty and repeatability is required. With its high detection sensitivity, the mercur is especially designed...

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Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 1 07745 Jena ■ Germany Phone +49 3641 77 70 Fax +49 3641 77 9279 Pictures: Analytik Jena AG, Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! en■ 11/2018■ 888-11005-2 Forster & Borries GmbH & Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG analytikjena An Endress+Hauser Company

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