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RPM - Remote Pressure Monitoring Basic requirements During a microwave decomposition pressure is generated inside the digestion vessels which is made up of the vapour pressure of the acid mixture at the working temperature and the partia pressure of the gases generated by chemical reactions (C02, NOx It is advisable to monitor the pressure at least for method deve- lopment and critical samples to prevent excess pressure. This is particularly important for organic sample materials because the carbon contained is oxidized to C02 and adds to the total pres- Spontaneous exothermic reactions can also be recognized by a rapid pressure increase. In such cases the pressure reading is used to control the microwave power in order to prevent the pressure from rising too high. Pressure control, thus, significantly ncreases the operational safety. Additionally, conditions in a microwave system require specia properties. The measurement technology must be resistant to the reagents used, usually mineral acids. The handling of the vessels should not become complicated by the sensor assembly to prevent leakage or damage by handling errors and to avoid the resulting safety risks and costs. The commonly used mechanical sensor assemblies do not fulfil these requirements. Pressure is often only monitored in one re- ference vessel. Even similar samples can behave completely different, though, making monitoring of all samples necessary. Mechanical sensors are likely to be corroded or damaged, and their cable connections make vessel handling more difficult. Direct measurement of all sample temperatures in real time per rotation (ca. 10 sec interval). For method development a single vessel can be positioned in front of the Sensor ■ No sensor inside oven, no difficult assembly ■ Highest chemical resistance ■ No damage by frequent connection/ disconnection of ■ Electronic parts are located outside microwave field without [^^) -, -. I'D rrm Reference = Signal Plane of Glass ring Plane of polarization analyzing Polarizer polarization changed by Glass ring

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RPM – Remote Pressure Monitoring Analytik Jena Remote Pressure Monitoring (RPM) The optical pressure measuring technique RPM guarantees operational safety and easy handling by its innovative measuring principle. The contactless sensor system offers exibility and comfortable operation. Any number of reaction vessels can be equipped and individually be monitored with RPM because the sensor element is integrated in the screw cap of the vessels. RPM is the only technology that allows an individual pressure display for every single vessel. One, some or all vessels can be equipped with RPM....

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