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SPECORD® PLUS iStockphoto® Petrochemistry iStockphoto® The following parameters can be tested all together or individually: Clinical Chemistry iStockphoto® Chemistry/Polymer Industry Material Analysis Diverse quality standards, such as Ph.Eur., USP, TGA and ASTM and of course the demand of the analysis reliability require a regular validation. This means a regular check of the device parameters to ensure accurate and reproducible results. The WinASPECT® PLUS validation software offers the user to perform the validation comfortably and easy on his own. n Zero transmission n Baseline stability n Baseline noise n Photometric accuracy in UV and Vis range n Wavelength accuracy n Wavelength reproducibility n Stray light n Resolution n Long-term stability The neccessary parameters according to the European Pharmacopoe will even be selected automatically with one mouse click in the software. In addition to the possibility of an electronic record, several documentation masters for the print out of the validation results as a brief protocol or a complete measurement protocol is possible. The user furthermore is free to decide whether to perform device valiation himself or have it done by service specialists.

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SPECORD® PLUS – Validation Independend from the software solution Analytik Jena offers a validation by own qualified experts for all devices. This way the user is free to decide whether to perform device validation himself or have it done by service specialists. Furthermore Analytik Jena offers a complete IQ/OQ documentation. The IQ is a regular service of Analytik Jena AG serving for the verification and documentation that the instrument system delivered agrees with the order. The IQ includes all requirements and actions of installation that may be of relevance for the analytical result....

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