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Elemental Analysis

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Systems from Analytik Jena – The Pacesetter in Elemental Analysis The challenge modern analytical systems for elemental analysis face lies in reliable automation for an extensive range of samples. The multi EA® series by Analytik Jena combines automation and reliability in unmatched quality thanks to patented innovative solutions. It is a system created to cope with the most diverse sample matrices. multi EA® 4000 — True macro elemental analysis HTC technology, easy decomposition of most difficult matrices ■■ ■■ High-temperature oxidation – sample decomposition at temperatures of up to...

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multi® EA 4000 – Investigates the Case of Solids Analysis Case closed – the ideal solids analyzer has been found: multi EA® 4000! Determining carbon, sulfur and chlorine from solid samples is not a problem! Its ease of use, analysis flexibility and particularly excellent instrument stability and precision are exceedingly convincing. The multi EA® 4000 offers true macro elemental analysis! Precise – Reliable – Easy to Operate. The parameters TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC are determined quickly and easily in organic and inorganic solids. The multi EA® 4000 analyzes solids in the twinkling...

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Advantages of rapid high-temperature oxidation High decomposition temperature of up to 1,500 °C (1,800 °C) ensures even the most difficult compounds are decomposed – higher application variety ■■ Use of robust and virtually wear-free ceramic combustion tubes instead of cost-intensive and quickly worn-out quartz combustion tubes ■■ Especially well-suited for aggressive and saline samples that cause a high degree of wear with traditional systems ■■ Minimal chemical consumption – no catalysts needed ■■ No complex reduction and separation of the oxidation products (chromatographic or via...

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C, S and Cl – A Clear Case for the Macro Analyzer A special wide range NDIR detector allows simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur within a dynamic measuring range from ppm till weight percent while maintaining high linearity. And it can do so much more! The flexible measuring range allows to determine extremely different element contents of sulfur and carbon from only one single sample. Highly resistant materials, a special optics arrangement and effective gas purification provide a resilient C/S detector that guarantees for extremely low-maintenance and high long-term stability....

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Simplifying chlorine analysis Why two systems, if one is enough? Use the multi EA® 4000 to determine chlorine easily and efficiently! Forget complex decomposition procedures in a Wickbold apparatus or calorimetric bomb and subsequent detection with additional analysis systems. The reliable total chlorine determination is done in the shortest time possible in a single analysis step! Extremely high sample weights allow reasonable analyses of sample materials which are inhomogeneous such as waste and derived fuels. Thanks to the variable gas flow management and the optimized wide range...

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Sample Handling – 48 “Rounds” in One Magazine A high sample weight of up to 3 g yields reliable results with just one single measurement. Inhomogeneous samples are analyzed with ease. Sample preparation and number of repeat measurements are reduced significantly. Automatic solid sampler The fully automated solid sampler of the multi EA® 4000 offers an enormous capacity for up to 48 sample boats to be transferred into the combustion furnace. The multi EA® 4000 with its high sample throughput is simply ideal for the automated C, S and CI analysis as well as the automated determination of TOC...

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Sample Decomposition – Focus on Special Features The combination of advanced hardware components and software functions allows for reliable analyses, even under toughest conditions. HTC (High Temperature Ceramic) Technology Thanks to HTC technology samples can be fully decomposed up to a temperature of 1,500 °C in a stream of oxygen and without the use of catalysts. And there’s more! For especially complex matrices, the combustion temperature can be temporarily increased up to 1,800 °C. With these conditions of high temperature combustion, even thermally stable compounds, such as sulfates...

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Software Solutions – For Reliable Analyses User-friendly concepts provide simple operation and guarantee reliable results. Self Check System (SCS) Trust is good, control is better! The multi EA® 4000 comes equipped with a Self Check System (SCS). The system automatically checks all the relevant parameters such as flows and temperatures and guarantees trouble-free, fully automated operation. The SCS offers many more benefits! You save operating costs but are still ready to measure in the blink of an eye due to the automated gas switch-off and a low standby temperature at the end of an...

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multi EA® 4000 - Truely Versatile The multi EA® 4000 is the ideal partner for your solids analysis applications. Including flame sensor, pyrolysis function and multiWin® software it provides unmatched versatility in numerous application fields. The modular design of the multi EA® 4000 makes it a The additional pyrolysis function can also be used to truly versatile analyzer. It measures both the total element determine BOC (Biodegradable Organic Carbon), a content of carbon, sulfur, and chlorine in various matrices, as parameter of relevance to waste, and to distinguish it from well as...

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Analytik Jena AG Pictures: Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! en ■ 10/2017 ■ 888-31001-2-B Forster & Borries GmbH &Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG

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