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Systems from Analytik Jena - The pacesetter in elemental analysis Modern techniques for sum parameter and elemental analysis are increasingly applied in environmental monitoring, as well as in process and quality control. • Analytik Jena Korea Co. Ltd. • Analytik Jena East Africa Ltd. • Analytik Jena Far East • Analytik Jena UK • Analytik Jena Middle East • Analytik Jena Austria • Analytik Jena China • Analytik Jena Vietnam Co., Ltd. Future Technology – Available Now • Analytik Jena Romania srl The challenge facing modern analytical systems lies in reliable automation for an extensive range of samples. Analytik Jena is the leader in the development of reliable sum parameter and elemental systems designed to satisfy the diverse modern demands posed in today’s age. With this aim in mind, Analytik Jena developed a exible, future-oriented series of instruments: the multi EA® series. Automation and reliability are combined • Analytik Jena Russia • Analytik Jena India • Analytik Jena Japan Co., Ltd. in unmatched quality thanks to patented innovative solutions. • Analytik Jena Thailand Ltd. On the basis of the experience gained in this eld over decades, Analytik Jena • Analytik Jena Taiwan Co., Ltd. ve experience with the multi EA® series. A system has been created to cope with the most diverse sample matrices. has developed into a worldwide leading provider. You prot from this extensi- The long tradition of analytical instrument manufacture in the Ilmenau region dates back to the early 19th century. Analytik Jena has continued this tradition since 1990 and produces high performance analytical instruments for TOC, For a complete listing of our global ofces and partners, visit our website: Manufacture of the rst instruments, representing the start of today’s titration technique and elemental analysis Electrolytic unit with coulometric titration for elemental analysis Launch of the rst nitrogen and chloride titrator First simultaneous elemental analyzer and special TOC / TN and AOX / TOX analyzers multi X® – rst AOX / TOX analyzer with automatic sampler Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 Subject to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! e · 03 / 2012 · 888-31002-2 · Förster & Borries GmbH &Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG multi N/C® – rst simultaneous TOC / TN analyzer worldwide multi EA® 3100 – double furnace and ame sensor technology multi EA® 5000 – all-rounder for elemental- and sum parameter analysis

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Experience tomorrow’s technology today... with the multi EA® 5000. In future, we will analyze... like we’ve never done before. Petrochemical industry Food industry Analysis of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, lubricants, trans- Analysis of alcohols, water, fats, oils, waxes and much more mission oil, transformer oil, brake and hydraulic uids and Environmental analysis much more Determination of TOC, TOX / AOX / EOX in surface, cooling, process Mineral oil and natural gas production, reneries Analysis of mineral oil, natural gas, fuel fractions, distillation resi- TOX / AOX / EOX in...

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In future there will be an elemental analyzer which has never been seen before. The multi EA® 5000. We have been producing elemental analyzers for more than 50 Its unique modular principle means that the system can be con- years. A lot has changed since the early days. Yesterday‘s cumber- structed individually. You can configure your multi EA® 5000 to meet some analyzers have become more intelligent, safer, easier to use your needs and requirements, thus creating your personal analysis and more reliable. They also come with an ever-widening range of system. No problem if your analytical...

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Standards that you won’t want to be without Multi-element, carbon, sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen determi- nation in a single device Highlights that you really should know about Flame sensor technology with self-learning function A multi-purpose combustion tube for all standard applica- Extended measuring range with low-maintenance, ultra- tions in the horizontal and vertical operating mode guarantees modern detectors ranging from ppb to the percentage range Multi-application, one analyzer for liquid, paste-like, solid, the simplest possible operation Internal intelligence, systems which...

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In future, we will change methods... without any laborious conversion. One minute S in diesel, next minute Cl in propylene gas, made The determination of sulfur in various products from the refinement possible by the multi EA  5000. Analyze all parameters of one process in refineries (mineral oil, gases, fuels, heavy oil, bitumen, sample without converting the analysis system. The software and coke etc.), for example, currently requires one analyzer for vertical the extensive library of prefabricated method packages will help you operation and another for horizontal operation. select the...

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In future, we will perform measurements more quickly... with lower operating costs. One analyzer for identifying carbon, sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen, The integrated Self Check System (SCS) ensures that the analysis TOC, AOX / TOX, EOX in liquid samples, solids, gases and LPG matri- process runs smoothly. It prevents faulty analyses and system ces gives you the security of being able to meet the most varied of contamination, thereby saving samples and working time. Thanks to analytical challenges in next to no time with one, single system. selected, long-living materials, intelligent...

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