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Systems from Analytik Jena — the pacesetter in analytical technology Modern techniques for sum parameter and elemental analysis are increas- ingly applied in environmental monitoring, as well as in process and quality control. The challenge facing modern analytical systems lies in reliable automation for different measuring cycles for an extensive range of samples. Analytik Jena AG is the leader in the development of reliable sum parameter • Analytik Jena Austria • Analytik Jena Japan Co., Ltd. • Analytik Jena Thailand Ltd. • Analytik Jena China • Analytik Jena Korea Co., Ltd. • Analytik Jena Taiwan Co., Ltd. • Analytik Jena Far East • Analytik Jena Middle East • Analytik Jena UK system series: the multi N/C® series. Automation and reliability are combined • Analytik Jena France SARL • Analytik Jena Romania SRL • Analytik Jena Vietnam Co., Ltd. been created to cope with the most diverse sample matrices. On the basis • Analytik Jena India • Analytik Jena Russia and elemental analysis systems designed to satisfy the diverse modern demands posed in today´s age. With this aim in mind, Analytik Jena developed a flexible future-oriented in unmatched quality thanks to patented innovative solutions. A system has of the experience gained in this field over decades, Analytik Jena AG has developed into a worldwide leading provider. You profit from this extensive experience with the multi N/C® series. The long tradition of analytical instrument manufacture in the Ilmenau region dates back to the early 19th century. Analytik Jena has continued this tradition since 1990 and produces high For a complete listing of our global offices and partners, visit our website: performance analytical instruments for TOC, AOX and elemental analysis. Manufacture of the first instruments, repressing the start of today´s titration technique and elemental analysis Electrolytic unit for coulometric measurement mass analysis Launch of the first nitrogen and chloride titrator First simultaneous elemental analyzer Subject to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 07745 Jena/Germany multi X® — first AOX/TOX analyzer with High Performance TOC Analyzer! and special TOC/TNb and AOC/TOX automatic sampler multi N/C® — first simultaneous TOC/ Double Furnace — first innovative concept for combustion analysis of the most diverse matrices TOC/TNb analyzers with Self Check The new multi N/C® series — with Focus Radiation NDIR-Detector®

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multiWin ® software Self-explanatory, multilingual and versatile! Using a high-performance analyzer has never been so easy. The multi N/C® series was designed to ensure user-friendly concepts and effortless operation. Intuitive operation and numerous helpful functions are available to support you at all times. Intelligent detailed solutions simplify and accelerate system maintenance and care. Special knowledge is no longer necessary. In this way, the systems of the multi N/C® series are not only specialists, but also allrounders in daily practice. Intuitive user operation Either an external...

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multi N/C® - experience the innovation!

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multi N/C® — High Performance TOC Analyzer! TOC analyzers no longer surprise you? We think they can! multi N/C® is versatile, reliable and easy to use. The intelligent If you get to know the new multi N/C® series you’ll series offers intuitive user guidance and has been designed for tough routine analytical work! High-quality materials and long-living components ensure low wearing. The few number We have been constructing TOC analyzers since 20 years. of consumables are arranged in the system for easy access. Much has changed from the beginning until now! Few wearing parts, long maintenance...

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We deliver more than „just“ the analyzer. Need specific tips on sample preparation? Simply unpack, connect and start measuring. Each model of Our wide range of methods and access to our comprehensive the new multi N/C series is pre-calibrated at the factory, application library provide helpful support. making it immediately ready for use. The „Preventive Maintenance Guidelines“ provide important advices regarding the daily handling and care of the analyzer. Along with the device operating manual you will receive A „Consumable Start-up Kit“ is included as standard in the our „Start-up...

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multi N/C ® series Highlights of multi N/C ® series: Wide measurement range – also without sample dilution: precise detection due to high-quality Focus Radiation NDIR-Detector (FR NDIR-Detector) for TOC, the chemiluminescence-detector (CLD) or the solid state chemodetector (ChD) for TN b VITA ® Flow Management System: for stable device performance and highly reproducible analysis results Easy Cal: easy calibration with just one standard for the most different applications, including long-term stability Auto-protection: effective measuring gas cleaning and monitoring protect valuable system...

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Reactor Sample VITA® Flow Management Focus Radiation Functional scheme of multi N/C®

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Focus Radiation NDIR Detector® As a market leader in the field of optical spectroscopy we are Latest technology able to guarantee that all our TOC analyzers are characterized The Focus Radiation NDIR Detector ® eliminates the use of by innovation, highest quality, and durable optical compo- classical, mechanical movable components which are prone nents with a long service life. to failure. Instead, the detector is equipped with an electronically pulsed radiation source and an optimized microdetector The use of the latest detector technology is a matter of course which guarantee...

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