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Sum Parameter Analysis – TOC/TNb High Performance TOC Analyzers multi N/C Series

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multi N/C Series Working with multi N/C means measuring parameters like TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC and TNb quickly, easily and without any system conversion – and a guarantee for compliance with the valid national and international standards, the pharmacopoeias and FDA guidelines. multi N/C series – Features F ocus Radiation NDIR Detector Highest radiation density for highest sensitivity and precision ■■ VITA Flow Management System Continues to work where classical TOC analyzers reach their limits ■■ Easy Cal Calibration has never been so easy ■■ High Power Long Life UV Reactor Convincing...

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multi N/C - 3

multi N/C 2100S Compact and universal for environmental analysis multi N/C 3100 The all-rounder for almost all TOC applications multi N/C UV HS Extremely well proven even in complicated matrices multi N/C pharma HT/pharma UV Predestined for pharmaceutical applications

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multi N/C – Unique The multi N/C series offers the right solution for every application. Quality and ease of use save time and operating costs. Examinations of surface and waste water in environmental applications up to ultrapure water in power station operations of the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries – The modular versatility of the multi N/C series permits individual adaptation to your applications. Multiple automation options, various nitrogen detectors and several solids modules for TOC determination in soil, sediment, waste materials and more are available. multi N/C is...

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multi N/C - 5

Focus Radiation NDIR Detector A combination of high-quality optics and the latest detector technology provide a detection system of unchallenged performance. All our TOC analyzers are characterized by innovation, highest quality, and durable optical components. The core element of the multi N/C series models is the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector which allows for most efficient detection and a long service life. We are proud to grant all customers a long-term warranty of 10 years for the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector. Focused energy Energy-rich radiation is focused onto the microdetector with...

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multi N/C - 6

VITA Flow Management System Flow Management VITA Flow Management System continues to work where classical TOC analyzers reach their limits. Gas flow fluctuations that are unavoidable due to evaporation and oxidation processes within the system are detected with precision and considered in the analysis. The measurement curve obtained with the help of VITA is flow-independent, making the TOC system much more precise, sensitive and stable. The VITA Flow Management System not only guarantees highest operating safety but also reliable analysis results. An integrated high-performance gas box...

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multi N/C - 7

Easy, automatic and long-term stable calibration for reliable sample measurements Calibration made easy! Calibrations with VITA can be made on the basis of a single standard using different injection volumes. This technique is ideally suited for the multipoint calibration of large operating ranges and also in particular for calibration in the trace range. The obtained calibration curves are flow-independent: the calibration remains stable! You only need to provide a suitable standard solution – Easy Cal does the rest. Calibration in the trace range Standards with low concentrations of TOC...

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multi N/C - 8

Sample Digestion Does MatterCorrect measurement results require complete digestion of the organic and inorganic carbon and nitrogen compounds. Reliable sample digestion There are two optional efficient digestion methods available for TOC measurement: High-temperature oxidation and UV supported wet chemical digestion. High temperature combustion (950 °C) High combustion temperatures up to 950 °C provide sufficient energy which is necessary for breaking stable C-C multiple bonds as well as C-O or C-N bonds. In combination with the use of effective catalysts, the digestion of the most stable...

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multi N/C - 9

Precise and Reliable Auto-Protection and Self Check System work for your perfect measurement results daily. Precise and safe measurements with the Self Check System (SCS)! The fully integrated Self Check System controls all the parameters which are important for device safety and the quality of the analysis. As an intelligent combination of hardware components and software functions, it automatically ensures the trouble-free operation of the entire analytical system. Important parameters, such as gas flows, temperatures, pressures, system tightness, detector status, baseline stability, etc....

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multi N/C - 10

High sample throughput A wide range of autosamplers is available for the automation of your TOC analyzer. You can determine the automation level yourself and thus the sample throughput in your lab. Also users with small amount of samples do not need to work manually: the small, inexpensive autosamplers facilitate work enormously. For high-throughput labs autosamplers with a high capacity of up to 146 samples are available. The integrated sample homogenization (stirring), the automatic acidification and sample purge features turn your autosampler into an all-rounder for sample preparation...

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multi N/C - 11

Perfect for All Environmental Applications Be it nanoparticles or coarse suspended matter – variable injection methods in TOC/TNb analysis provide flexibility. multi N/C 2100S – the compact power pack This space-saving TOC/TNb analyzer with particular strengths in environmental analysis is also highly popular in the academic field and pharmaceutical vaccine analysis. multi N/C 2100S is equipped with a perfect injection technique for oil-bearing or particle-containing samples. The integrated autosampler and the septum free injection technique turn it into a compact and robust routine...

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multi N/C - 12

Ideal for Offline Process Monitoring Greatest matrix tolerance for dissolved salts with best detection sensitivity multi N/C UV HS – TOC determination made easy! Whether in the energy sector for the analysis of boiler feedwater, in the semiconductor industry with ultrapure water samples containing hydrofluoric acid, during drinking water preparation or in electroplating when monitoring electrolysis baths, the wet chemical UV digestion method convinces in all these applications with high detection capabilities and simultaneous high robustness against aggressive sample matrices and a low...

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