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Sum Parameter Analysis – AOX/TOX

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multi X® 2500 multi X® – a generation of AOX analyzers that is setting standards – flexible, reliable, easy to operate, and capable of much more than just AOX/EOX/POX analysis. The multi X® 2500 is a multi-talent to be applied in many areas, from TOC measurement, important for water analysis, to the determination of TX/TOX concentrations in challenging matrices. Our instrument development focuses on simple operation, flexibility of the analysis system as well as a high degree of automation, stability and precision in instrument performance. This directly results in reliable results, maximum...

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multi X® 2500 The Market Leader. And for a Good Reason! The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal combustion in one analysis system. A design that sets standards. Straightforward operation, rapid operational readiness, and a minimum amount of maintenance are only a few of the many advantages the multi X® 2500 has to offer. The intelligent multiWin® software, the fast changeover between column and batch method and the user-friendly design ensure outstanding ease of use and efficiency. Sophisticated automatic sampling...

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multi X® 2500 — Impressive highlights: Uniquely wide application spectrum – AOX, EOX, POX, TOC, TX/TOX analysis ■■ Free selection of the furnace mode – vertical and horizontal sample feeding in one system ■■ Analysis of AOX samples prepared according to the column or batch method within the container or directly after pushing the activated carbon out of the columns, with only one system ■■ Versatile automatic sampling systems – automated with unique throughput for all parameters using only one sampler ■■ Effective analysis – high sample throughput, precise measurements, low operational...

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Optimal Adjustment – for Each Sample Matrix Whether ultra-fast AOX routine analysis in the vertical operation mode or reliable determination of the smallest EOX trace concentrations in the horizontal operation mode, double furnace technology allows you to freely select the best combustion mode for your application. Experience unique flexibility! The multi X® 2500 combines vertical and horizontal mode in one and the same instrument. In next to no time, the furnace is set up in vertical or horizontal mode and automatically ready for safe operation. Through the use of flame sensor technology,...

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Effortless Sample Preparation Get to know perfectly harmonized concepts of sample preparation and analysis! Remain flexible and cost-effective with a system that greatly minimizes idle time and increases the throughput of AOX samples. APU 28 The automatic sample preparation system APU 28 allows sample preparation for AOX determination according to the column method. The individual samples are processed immediately one at a time. The first samples are available for analysis shortly after adsorption. The specified adsorption rate is maintained due to highly precise pump technology. Extremely...

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Sample Feed – Reliable. Fast. Individual. A multitude of samplers allows adaptation to individual needs – from manual operation to fully automated sample feed for all applications. Versatile automatic sampling systems For efficient, convenient, and uniquely flexible operation, diverse automatic sampling systems are available for the complete automation of the measurement procedure. You can analyze samples prepared according to the column or batch method with the quartz container. Without retrofitting the system! In one sample sequence! With the optional direct feed, you are able to analyze...

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multi X 2500 - 9

The fully automated samplers of the autoX series ensure an unmatched sample throughput in the vertical and horizontal operation mode. A special quartz container technology and the sophisticated protective covering of the sampler shield the charcoal from environmental impacts. An additional purging of the sample rack with inert gas is not necessary. The autoX samplers also allow the direct feed of samples, if required. Therefore, the charcoal is pushed out of the columns. With direct feed, you can use the maximum capacity of the combustion tube and increase the sample throughput. In vertical...

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Precise Analysis Made Easy A patented measuring cell adjusted to match all measurement tasks guarantees precise analysis. Even with large concentrations, overtitration is impossible. An extremely dynamic operating range with increased sensitivity provides reliable analysis of samples with unexpectedly high AOX concentrations. Highly sensitive detection for precise results The measuring cell of the multi X® 2500 has a compact and robust design. The optimal protection from the effects of ambient light, the self-cleaning silver anode and the unique cooling system guarantee highest sensitivity,...

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Uniquely Reliable. – Uniquely Versatile. Unparalleled versatility opens up new horizons and gives you the security to handle all analytical requirements in next to no time. Benefit from an advanced concept: a single analyzer for AOX, EOX, POX, TOC, and TX/TOX analysis operating in vertical and horizontal mode. Determine the various parameters quickly and reliably. Features such as the innovative gas-box, optimized standard methods and the Self Check System (SCS) ensure the quantitative decomposition of the various sample matrices. Even demanding samples, such as derived fuels and polymer...

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Analytik Jena AG Pictures: Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! en ■ 03/2018 ■ 888-41002-2-B Forster & Borries GmbH & Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG

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