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novAA® 800 - The Analyzer 4 You ■ Efficient High throughput thanks to integrated sampling and dilution ■ Simple Easy handling with user friendly concepts ■ Cost effective High performance at low investment and running cost ■ Reliable Stable measurement conditions thanks to robust components and a clever design novAA® 800 F AAS for flame and hydride technology novAA® 800 G AAS for graphite furnace and hydride technology novAA® 800 D AAS for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technology

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The novAA® 800 series of atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS) covers the complete range of AAS applications from flame to graphite furnace to hydride mode in just one instrument. It offers fast and reliable routine analysis for moderate sample loads over a wide concentration range, while being extremely easy to handle thanks to clever technology that is made in Germany. Reliable functionality A rugged design guarantees both, long lifetime and excellent analytical performance that arise from a compact base plate, protection against humidity, lightproof encapsulation and coated reflective...

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Flame technique for simple and robust routines Fast analysis, automated dilution, reliable quality monitoring, all with uncomplicated handling, are a must in routine element analysis. The novAA® 800 series surpasses expectations with clever accessories directly benefitting speed, precision, reproducibility and ease of use of the analysis. Features: Autosamplers for sampling, over-range dilution and automatic preparation of standards and QC samples ■■ Automatic Scraper cleans burner head for improved safety and precision ■■ Segmented Flow Star, SFS 6.0, injection switch for segmented sample...

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Improve the Efficiency of Routine Analysis Simplify sample handling, improve your precision and gain higher sample throughput as well as lower cost per sample. Performance-enhancing accessories, such as the Segmented Flow Star (SFS 6.0) or the Scraper help you face the challenges of complex matrices in flame analysis. In graphite furnace analysis the transversely heated graphite tube design improves atomization conditions, tube change and adjusting the sampler pipetting tip, while the integrated USB furnace camera allows monitoring and optimization of atomization conditions. Autosamplers...

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Simplicity meets Compliance User-friendly concepts let AAS become child‘s play. Software functions and modules help meeting all statutory requirements and standards. ASpect LS software package Simple, routine handling on one hand, great flexibility on the other–ASpect LS meets both requirements with perfection. The clearly laid out user interface makes method development easy and straightforward. The novAA® 800 series offers solutions for fast, automated routine operation, both in absorption and emission mode. To achieve optimum results by flame technique, fuel composition and burner height...

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novAA® 800 – Partner for Your Requirements Quickly set-up with minimal effort, concentrations from high percentage to low ppm are measured in many industries. Food & Agriculture An accurate measurement of the elemental composition in food and agricultural products is essential to ensure product safety and to maintain adequate levels of nutritional content. Easy to operate and highly flexible, the novAA® 800 F allows fast routine analysis for diverse samples including fertilizers and grains as well as food supplements and beverages. In milk powder samples for example, typical elements such...

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Environment A healthy environment is a fundamental prerequisite for life. Therefor, continuous monitoring of industrial and communal waste as well as of soil, surface and drinking water is becoming more and more important globally, as industrialization and population rise. Typical elements to be analyzed by industrial QC labs in sewage sludge or effluents using flame AAS are Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Zinc and others. Here, the novAA® 800 F allows simple and highly precise analytical routines with great method robustness even in harsh environmental conditions. A range of performance...

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novAA® 800 – Partner for Your Requirements Quickly set-up with minimal effort, concentrations from high percentage to low ppm are measured in many industries. Chemicals & Materials The Chemicals and Materials industry is one of the largest and most diverse with multiple analytical requirements and manifold applications. It covers the analysis of raw materials, plastics, fine chemicals or even packaging materials, cement and many more. Here, qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements is crucial to maintain quality and functionality, e.g., in regards to major elemental...

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Geology, Mining & Metals Flame atomic absorption spectrometry is a simple, robust and cost-effective method used by many mining companies and smelters to quantify base metals (Cobalt, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Nickel and Zinc) and precious metals (Silver, Gold) in ores and pre-concentrated metallic forms-over a wide concentration range from medium ppm (mg/kg) to high percentage (wt.%) values. Here, the flame technique is highly regarded for the little training requirements and a design-such as that of the novAA® 800 series-build to withstand harsh environmental conditions...

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Analytik Jena AG Pictures: Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 Subjects to changes in design and scope of delivery as well as further technical development! en ■ 07/2018 ■ 888-11008-2-B Forster & Borries GmbH & Co. KG © Analytik Jena AG

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