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"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." (Ralph Marston) Our aim is to provide the most comfortable and reliable instruments for diverse analytical tasks. Continuous improvement and development plus the use of selected, certified components guarantee absolute precision, outstanding analytical performance, robustness and durability of Analytik Jena instruments. PlasmaQuant® MS — Patented technology solutions Eco Plasma Robust plasma performance with half the Argon gas iCRC — Integrated Collision Reaction Cell Interference-free analysis plus BOOST technology ReflexION 3D focussing ion...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 4

Smart Technologies – Work Simply Save your resources A major advancement in RF generator design has produced a world first in ICP-MS. A plasma system that requires only half the argon gas. The highly efficient, virtual center-grounded RF system of the PlasmaQuant® MS produces a stable and robust plasma with a conventional torch using as little as 7 L/min plasma gas. Superior design means that no torch shield is required to eliminate problematic secondary discharge as the plasma Eco Plasma is electrically balanced. The PlasmaQuant® MS is extremely reliable, able to run any sample matrix from...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 5

Boost your performance for difficult matrices The integrated Collision Reaction Cell (iCRC) brings simple and effective removal of troublesome interferences to your sample analysis. The iCRC injects helium (He) and hydrogen (H2) collision and reaction gases into the high pressure zone at the tip of iCRC the skimmer cone. This more efficiently promotes collisions and reactions with plasma and sample matrix based spectroscopic interferences in a much smaller cell volume for fast, simple interference-free analysis. On any ICP-MS, the introduction of collision/ reaction gases results in the...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 6

High-Tech Engineering – Raise Your Limits Only the PlasmaQuant MS offers up to 5 times the sensitivity of competitive systems. ® Apple Juice DMA = dimethyl arsenic; MMA = monomethyl arsenic Focus your ions The ReflexION is an innovative three-dimensional focusing ion mirror that efficiently reflects the ion beam 90 degrees. Generating a parabolic electrostatic field, the incoming ion beam is reflected, and not deflected. The result is analyte ions of different size and energy are tightly focussed before ReflexION entering the quadrupole. This means more ions enter the quadrupole providing...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 7

Be different — Separate ions in HD The true 3MHz, high-definition quadrupole mass analyzer delivers exceptional mass separation and ultra-fast scan speeds. Precision machined from stainless steel, the low noise quadrupole rods provide a near-perfect hyperbolic field. With full mass coverage from 3 to 256 amu, the Quadrupole PlasmaQuant® MS can quantify all known stable isotopes. Superior abundance sensitivity makes it well suited to isotopic analysis. While the ability to quickly integrate signals at 50 µs is ideal for laser ablation and single-particle analysis. Preceding the quadrupole,...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 8

Intelligent Design – Make Lab-Life Easy Dual connection technology – Customize to your needs The twin-position, bench-mounted design includes dual connection technology offering complete flexibility in configuring the system to your laboratory requirements. Two entrance ports located on the front and side of the instrument allow direct connection of multiple accessories to the plasma torch at the same time. You are only limited by your imagination. Designed like a book – Open up to easy maintenance The clever book design allows for easy access and maintenance. Interface cones can be easily...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 9

Work sheat Work smoothly with intuitive navigation Analytik Jena’s ASpect MS software redefines easeof-use with our intuitive worksheet interface. All analysis data, mass scan graphics, calibration data and data logs are available at the click of a button. The dynamic Instrument Status window provides a quick visual status check of all system components. An excellent diagnostic tool that maximizes instrument setup time. ASpect MS features a range of automated options, including setup and initialization routine, plasma alignment, mass calibration and resolution tests. AutoMax simplifies...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 10

Enjoy Simplicity in Demanding Applications The PlasmaQuant® MS delivers outstanding performance for applications, including research, that benefit from industry-leading sensitivity and low background. Laser ablation When coupled to a laser ablation device, the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite’s unmatched Gigahertz sensitivity allows the use of lower laser energy for the analysis of smaller spot-sizes and improved spatial resolution. Making it ideal for applications in geochemistry, material sciences and biological imaging. Liquid chromatography With fully-integrated LC-ICP-MS compatibility, low level...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 11

Analytik Jena Engineered for Excellence Tradition with innovative power Analytik Jena has a long history and tradition in developing high quality and precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss over 150 years ago. Within the last 25 years our company group has grown to become one of the most innovative manufacturers of analytical measuring technology worldwide. Technology competence Analytik Jena has excellent competencies in the fields of spectroscopy, sum parameter and elemental analysis. We develop and manufacture premium instruments...

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PlasmaQuant® MS - 12

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