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Life Science unlimited Understanding tomorrow’s demands today The pillars of a successful business model Established in 2006 as its own unit within Analytik Jena The Life Science product area is an integral component AG, the Life Science product area has been strategically of Analytik Jena, a company that utilizes the innovative positioned to allow the company to distinguish itself as a power of its location — a region with a long tradition in the provider of bioanalytical and molecular diagnostics systems. field — to harness the growth potential of a new leading By continuing to expand its...

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A high-profile provider of life science system solutions More products, more service As a provider of bioanalytical and molecular diagnostics Analytik Jena pursues a consistent strategy of expanding and systems, the Analytik Jena Life Science product area offers completing technology platforms, primarily by integrating an extensive portfolio that includes DNA purification, ​ innovative niche companies. As a result, our customers real-time PCR instruments, laboratory robotics and complex benefit not only from our constantly growing product kits for molecular diagnostic applications. The...

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Know more. Reac t faster. Take advantage of bet ter prices. Are you ready for business class? “Life Science exclusive” is the premium customer portal of the Analytik Jena Life Science product area. If you choose to take advantage of our free membership offer, you will benefit from exclusive customer support, exclusive product offers and exclusive news. So upgrade to business class now! Just one click is all that separates you from attractive rewards for your loyalty—and from insider knowledge that will pay off. Becoming a member of “Life Science If you work with our instruments exclusive”...

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Laboratory Notebook Order your own laboratory notebook in Analytik Jena | Life Science design. Whether you are scientist or student, laboratory notebook is an essential part of each research project. With the laboratory notebook of Analytik Jena you are perfectly able to document your laboratory research and daily work results. High-quality Analytik Jena | Life Science design Table of content for your personal structure Including introduction and conversion table Size: 120 pages in A4 format (squared paper) Order information Order number

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SpeedCycler2 rapidPCR System Rampings of up to 15° C/s (heating) and 10° C/s (cooling) Improved heat-transfer due to SAC (SelfAdapting-Container) – Technology Available systems with Standard-Profiles but also with particularly fast Low-ProfileRapid–Thermoblock Maximum lid-pressure against sampletransition More information on page 286 qTOWER 2.0 / 2.2 Quantitative real-time PCR in 96 well SBS format (0.2 ml plastics) Optimized to standard sample consumption from 10 till 60 µl Available with or without gradient function Patented, fibre optical system with 3 independent LED’s Individual...

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innuPREP MIDI Direct Kits ■ Optimized „MIDI columns" for easy process- ing of higher amounts of starting material ■ Up to 60 °/o increased yield of DNA/RNA ■ „MIDI preparation" for genomic and plasmid ■ Products for different starting materials More information on page 30 ■ Quick-X-Change block exchange system ■ Automatic block detection ■ 96 well and 48 well twin block optional with gradient function ■ Twin blocks independently controllable ■ Multi block start and stop function ■ High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) always ensures optimal contact pressure ■ Comfortable user administration ■...

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Analytik Jena | Life Science offers a comprehensive range of kits for nucleic acid isolation as well as enzymes, reagents and additives for PCR. We also focus on protein analysis and molecular diagnostic kits.

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Kits and Reagents for molecular diagnostics 1 Selection charts/Overview starting material 2 Manual nucleic acid isolation/Enrichment 2.7 Simplified nucleic acid isolation 2.8 Additional reagents for nucleic acid extraction 3 Nucleic acid extraction using a homogenizer 4 Automated nucleic acid extraction 4.1 Isolation kits for InnuPure® C12 4.2 Isolation kits for InnuPure® C16 4.3 Isolation kits for InnuPure® C96 4.4 Isolation kits for KingFisher®-systems 107 5.1 rapid  CR enzymes and reagents P 5.2 Standard PCR enzymes and reagents 5.3 Enzymes, reagents and additives 6 External extraction...

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Product overview innuPREP Kits blackPREP Kits The innuPREP extraction and purification systems have been developed for a very fast and efficient isolation of DNA and/or RNA from different kinds of starting materials. The isolation procedure is based on a new kind of chemistry, which allows the isolation of nucleic acids with high yield and quality. The isolation procedure consists of lysis of starting material, binding of the DNA or RNA on the surface of a Spin Filter column, washing of the bound nucleic acids and its final elution. All steps are performed by means of a table centrifuge....

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Product overview The innuPREP Kits - IP are optimized for the usage of the InnuPure® systems and predestinated for extremely fast and efficient isolation of DNA or RNA from different starting materials. The kits contain specialized magnetic or paramagnetic beads, which will be processed in an automized nucleic acid extraction robot. The nucleic acids to be isolated are adsorbed to surface functionalized magnetic or paramagnetic particles. Further the kits contain the required extraction chemistry, which is optimally adapted to the application or used starting material and facilitates the...

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1.1 Selection charts/Overview starting material innuPREP Blood DNA MIDI Kit innuPREP Blood DNA MIDI Direct Kit innuPREP Blood DNA Master Kit 1 Selection charts/Overview starting material Agarose gel (TBE or TAE) Bacterial cell pellets (gram+ & gram–) innuPREP Plasmid Rapid Kit innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit Plus innuPREP Plasmid MIDI Direct Kit innuPREP DNA/RNA Mini Kit innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit Catalog page x – Recommended Kit (x) – Recommended with limitations Sample type innuPREP/ blackPREP Backing powder (virus, bacteria) Bacterial suspension (Plasmid) Blood Bone...

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