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More than 150 Years of Experience in the Field of Optical Spectroscopy Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high quality and precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. Today Analytik Jena is a leading manufacturer of high performance analytical instruments and one of the most innovative companies.

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Quality is the Difference - 4

Recent Technologies Translated into a Family of Instruments that Sets Standards The ZEEnit 700 P is another milestone in spectrometer development at Analytik Jena: A system that combines excellent analytical performance with a high degree of user friendliness. Dual atomizer concept A design that is impressive because of its functionality. Change of techniques without any mechanical movement, conversion or readjustment - immediately ready for use. Transverse-heated graphite furnace The future-oriented furnace heating concept, that masters all samples, including complex matrices and...

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Quality is the Difference - 5

Variable sample feeding techniques This is unique: Smooth feeding of liquids and solids (direct analysis), and fast change between both techniques. ASpect LS data analysis and control software The convincing software concept not only provides high efficiency for laboratory routine but also allows flexible method development and optimization of analysis parameters. Analytical quality assurance and validation play a major role in ASpect LS. High-performance guaranteed for 10 years Thanks to quartz-coated optics and special encapsulation, the components convince with a long service life even...

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Quality is the Difference - 6

Transverse-Heated Graphite Furnace – State-of-the-Art Technology The transverse-heated graphite furnace is a must where optimum atomization conditions and high sample throughput are required simultaneously. A unique furnace design The clearly superior concept of the transverse-heated graphite furnace has, for a number of years, been successfully used in all Analytik Jena graphite furnace AAS systems. It guarantees uniform temperature conditions all along the optical axis throughout the tube and eliminates memory and condensation effects that occur at the cooler tube ends of conventional,...

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Quality is the Difference - 7

ZEEnit 650 P with solid sampler SSA 600 Sample tray for up to 84 samples Flexible Analysis for all Kinds of Samples The ZEEnit is the only system worldwide that permits the direct feeding of both liquid and solid samples using the solid AA® technology. The dream of conveniently changing between liquid and solid techniques has come true. With its built-in Zeeman system, the ZEEnit series of Analytik Jena is the answer to the demands of direct solids analysis in respect to background correction and graphite furnace requirements. Two different feeding systems for solid samples are available:...

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Quality is the Difference - 8

User-oriented: New Standards of Operating Convenience The „Dual-Atomizer“ concept guarantees fast and simple change between flame mode and graphite furnace technology. No readjustment or complicated change of autosampler — one click in the software to be ready for operation. Among the basic conditions for smooth operation in trace analysis are regular maintenance and cleaning of the furnace parts. The furnace slides out of the sample compartment to a defined parking position, which provides the necessary access for cleaning and maintenance. Completely automated optimization of the...

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Quality is the Difference - 9

Burner head with Scraper The ZEEnit 700 P offers solutions for fast, automated routine operation, whether absorption or emission. To achieve optimum results, fuel composition and burner height can be automatically adjusted to the respective sample. The fully automated Total Flow Gasbox, which is integrated in all ZEEnit systems, ensures the settings and monitoring of all gas parameters. Accessories Accessories such as the Segmented Flow Star (SFS) or the Scraper help you face the challenges of complex matrices in flame analysis. The SFS is capable of dosing minuscule sample volumes by...

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Quality is the Difference - 10

For Maximum Efficiency and High Sample Throughput In today's laboratories, automation is more important than ever. Fast analysis, automated dilution, reliable quality monitoring, all with uncomplicated handling, are a must. The automation concept AS-F and AS-FD allow almost fully automated routine analyses of standards and samples. Integrated in the overall concept of the instrument, either sampler can be simply installed directly into the sample compartment. This saves space and minimizes tubing lengths – the best way to prevent contamination in case of real samples. To prolong the service...

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Quality is the Difference - 11

Autosampler AS-FD and hydride system Autosampler AS-GF Analysis of hydride forming elements and mercury down to the lowest concentration ranges With a simple lock mechanism, changing burner heads is just as easy as attaching the sample cell unit for hydride technology. Modular concept of hydride systems The hydride systems are based on a modular concept. They can easily be adapted to changing requirements of an analytical lab using Upgrade Modules. All systems of the HS series can easily be upgraded by adding new functions, e.g. adding an amalgamation module to an existing system, or...

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Quality is the Difference - 12

Third Generation Zeeman Magnetic Field Technology An innovative Zeeman technology offers the greatest capability for the classic Zeeman background correction. Using unique operating modes the operating range can be adapted to the sample requirements minimizing operater effort. In addition to efficient deuterium background correction, Zeeman technology is a must for many applications. In other commercially available Zeeman systems, the magnetic field has a fixed strength. The ZEEnit allows the user to vary the magnetic field strength. The advantages are obvious: Optimum sensitivity This is...

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Quality is the Difference - 13

Wide dynamic measuring range Added to the conventional 2-field mode (magnetic field on or off), the unique 3-field mode (magnetic field off, medium, or maximum) provides the user with unparalleled analytical capabilities. The use of the variable magnetic field in the special data extraction mode makes it possible to calibrate over more than two concentration decades in Zeeman GF AAS. The measuring range and the linearity are considerably expanded towards higher element concentrations. Highfactor dilutions are no longer required. Problems caused by diluent contamination and error sources in...

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