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My SPECORD®! Time for new demands!

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My SPECORD®! Sets the highest standards! The SPECORD® PLUS offers the right solution for numerous applications. Routine analysis or special application in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science and many other areas – with your SPECORD® PLUS you are well prepared for all future requirements. The SPECORD® PLUS appeals to the user because of: P RECISION The SPECORD® PLUS offers highest precision and total reliability of measurement results. F LEXIBILITY An extensive range of accessories guarantees flexibility and efficiency for all routine- or special...

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My SPECORD®! Time for new demands! My SPECORD®! Assures highest quality! High-end optics At the heart of all of our instruments, the optical components are quartz coated and equipped with high-quality encapsulation. They guarantee highest quality, maximum performance and extreme durability. The 10-years long-term warranty for the optical compo­ nents emphasizes this promise. SPECORD® PLUS simply convincing! M onochromator with imaging holographic grating for stray light reduction M inimized number of movable components for best reliability, notably improved signal-to-noise ratio and best...

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Precise and durable. Autosampler for particularly high sample throughput Adjustable cell holder with ultra-micro cell for precise quantitative analysis of extremely small sample volumes

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SPECORD My SPECORD®! Time for new demands! High sample throughput with the 15-cell changer or individual analysis with the single cell holder, the SPECORD® PLUS offers the ideal equipment for all requirements.

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My SPECORD®! Maximum user-friendliness guaranteed! Intuitive user-oriented SPECORD® PLUS has been developed for user-friendly operation: asy to use E o warm-up phase, plug and play N elf Check System (SCS) S arge, easily accessible sample compartment L asy use of different cell variants E utomatic accessory recognition A asy lamp replacement E ntuitive software navigation I omprehensive method collection C odular software concept M ultilingual software M The generously sized sample compartment is ideal for the quick, easily repeatable addition of reagents and the fast replacement of samples...

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SPECORD My SPECORD®! Time for new demands! My SPECORD®! Secures perfect measurement results! Analysis made easy The SPECORD® PLUS is equipped with comprehensive basic software and numerous specific tools for individual applications. D ata handling such as addition, subtraction, peak search, smoothing, derivative, interactive wavelength selection, integration and normalization Q uantitative analysis with statistical functions F ormula editor for creating individual formulas M acro programming for individual method development for automated measurement-, evaluation- and documentation...

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Sipper system for routine quantitative analysis Double 8-cell changer for a speedy and an efficient working process

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My SPECORD®! Time for new demands! Solid sample holder to determine transmission Reflectance attachment with variable angle for determi- Peltier temperature controlled 8-cell changer performing characteristics ning the refraction index and the film thickness measurements with high temperature accuracy

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My SPECORD®! Enhanced individual flexibility! Individual all-rounder Routine or special analysis – the SPECORD® PLUS guarantees flexible operation in all areas of application. Thanks to its extensive range of accessories and the modular software concept the device provides a unique individuality. SPECORD® PLUS SPECORD® 50 PLUS ideal for qualitative and quantitative routine photo­ etric applications m SPECORD® 200 PLUS with fixed spectral bandwidth – ideal for the measurement of sample- and reference signal at exactly the same moment SPECORD® 210 PLUS with 5 variable spectral bandwidths –...

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SPECORD My SPECORD®! Time for new demands! My SPECORD®! Equipped with numerous accessories! M EDICINE AND LIFE SCIENCE With the adjustable cell holder and the ultra-micro cell, the precise determination of concentrations can also be carried out with small sample volumes, like during DNA purity determination. By means of the peltier temperature controlled cell holder, the DNA melting point determination can be performed with a very high temperature accuracy. The peltier temperature controlled accessories allow analysis in a temperature range of -5 to 105 °C and with an accuracy of ± 0.1 °C....

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Ready-to-use test kits for water analysis Position for turbid samples for measuring highly Integrating sphere for transmittance and diffuse scattering samples reflectance measurements

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SPECORD My SPECORD®! Time for new demands!

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My SPECORD®! Compliance with relevant standards guaranteed! Validation of device parameters To determine all important device parameters of your SPECORD® PLUS in compliance with internal or external quality standards, such as Ph.Eur., USP, TGA and ASTM and to ensure correct and accurate results, the WinASPECT® PLUS UV/Vis software offers a special Validation module. In respect for today‘s statutory and in-house requirements, comprehensive quality assurance is a primary consideration implemented in the WinASPECT® PLUS software. According to GLP, all analytical data must be accessible and...

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