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ZEEnit P Series - 1

ZEEnit Quality is the difference

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ZEEnit P Series - 2

More than 150 years of experience in the field of Optical Spectroscopy Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high quality and precision a ­ nalytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. Today Analytik Jena is a leading manufacturer of high performance analytical instruments and one of the most innovative companies. 1874 First spectrometer First Pulfrich photometer – the First flame photometer – Carl Zeiss establishes the methodology of flame SPEKOL and SPECORD update the tradition of Pulfrich photometers in Prototype of the first...

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ZEEnit P Series - 4

Decades of experience in the development of spectrometers, plus the most recent findings made in electronics, magnetic field technology and furnace design, have gone into the ZEEnit series. The ZEEnit 700 P completes yet another milestone in spectrometer development at Analytik Jena: A system that combines excellent analytical performance with a high degree of user friendliness. Dual atomizer concept A design that is impressive because of its functionality. Change of techniques without any mechanical movement, conversion or readjustment - immediately ready for use. Transverse-heated...

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ZEEnit P Series - 5

A match for every requirement Variable sample feeding techniques Thoroughly studied burner-atomizer system This is unique: Smooth feeding of liquids and solids (direct A burner-nebulizer-system optimized over many AAS genera- analysis), and fast change between both techniques. tions and a mature mixing chamber concept ensures stable operation and high repeatability in the flame mode. ASpect LS data analysis and control software A convincing software concept that is not only efficient for labo- Designed-in safety ratory routine but also gives the user every freedom for method Safe operation...

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ZEEnit P Series - 6

State-of-the-art technology for higher accuracy and precision A unique furnace design The resulting benefits for your daily routine speak for themselves: The transverse-heated graphite furnace is a must where optimum atomization conditions and high sample throughput are required Marked improvement in accuracy simultaneously. This clearly superior concept has, for a number Transverse-heated graphite tubes considerably diminish many of years, been successfully employed in all Analytik Jena graphite chemical interferences and therefore matrix effects. As a conse- furnace AAS systems. It...

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ZEEnit P Series - 7

Flexible analysis for all kinds of samples The ZEEnit is the only system worldwide that permits the direct A specially optimized sample carrier can be used for many kinds feeding of both liquid and solid samples using the solidAA® of solids – from powders to granulates. The carrier geometry technology. The dream of smoothly changing between liquid ensures optimum atomizing conditions in the solid tube and reli- and solid techniques has come true. With its built-in Zeeman able transfer processes in sample feeding. system, the ZEEnit of Analytik Jena excel with the exacting demands the direct...

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ZEEnit P Series - 8

User-oriented: New standards of operating convenience The „Dual-Atomizer“ concept, an important component of In the new ZEEnit family all lamp data are automatically read the new design concept, guarantees a fast and unproblematic and recorded using a RFID tool for highest operator change from flame mode to graphite technology. Completely without readjustment or complicated change of autosampler The lamp is identified during initialization, the operating para- — one click in the software does it all. That means fastest opera- meters are set and the running times are monitored. tional...

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ZEEnit P Series - 9

Graphite furnace in service position The ZEEnit 700 P offers solutions for fast, automated routine operation, whether absorption or emission. To achieve optimum Accessories such as the Segmented Flow Star (SFS) or the Scraper results, fuel composition and burner height can be automatically help you face the challenges of complex matrices in flame analysis. adjusted to the respective sample. The fully automated Total The SFS is capable of dosing minuscule sample volumes by time- Flow Gasbox, which is integrated in all ZEEnit systems, ensures controlled flow injection. Thanks to continuous...

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ZEEnit P Series - 10

Autosampler AS-GF The automation concept AS-F and AS-FD make your routine analyses of standards and samples almost fully automatic. Integrated in the overall concept of the instrument, either sampler can be simply installed directly into the sample compartment. This saves space and minimizes tubing lengths - the best way to prevent contamination in case of real samples. To prolong the service life of the samplers, all parts possibly contacted by acids or solvents are made of corrosion-resistant materials. Varied, freely selectable rinsing routines markedly reduce the risk of carry-over and...

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ZEEnit P Series - 11

Autosampler AS-FD Hydride system Analysis of hydride forming elements and Modular concept of hydride systems mercury down to the lowest concentration The hydride systems are based on a modular concept. They can easily be adapted to changing requirements of an analyti- With a simple lock mechanism, changing burner heads is just as cal lab using Upgrade Modules. All systems of the HS series easy as attaching the sample cell unit for hydride technology. can easily be upgraded by adding new functions, e.g. adding an amalgamation module to an existing system, or converting In combination with...

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ZEEnit P Series - 12

Third generation Zeeman magnetic field technology In addition to efficient deuterium background correction, Zeeman technology is a must for many applications. In other commercially available Zeeman systems, the magnetic field has a fixed strength. The ZEEnit allows the user to vary the magnetic field strength. The advantages are obvious: Optimum sensitivity This is the only way to exploit the benefits of the Zeeman system for all elements. Varied according to the Zeeman factor, the magnetic field strength guarantees optimum sensitivity in every case. Fig. 2: Higher sensitivity through an...

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