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Why The Anatomage Table? Advanced Educational Tool Both the accuracy of the real human anatomy and the quantity of pathological examples are unique aspects of the Anatomage Table. Combined with powerful hardware and software, the product offers unprecedented technology for medical education. Students are motivated and can easily digest complicated 3D shapes of human anatomy which makes the Table very effective for anatomy education. Technical Showcase The Anatomage Table is a highly advanced technology product that draws attention from visitors as well as your students and faculty. The...

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The Anatomage Table offers a high quality lab experience without any chemicals. There are no possibilities of leaks, no environmental concerns, and no additional ventilation requirements. The product provides headache free lab sessions. Cost Reduction Unlike cadavers, the Anatomage Table does not require ventilation infrastructure, embalming equipment, personnel, or storage. The contents are reusable, so there are no recurring acquisition costs. The product will save significant costs over the long term. The Table is not only for anatomical education. Utilizing its powerful radiology...

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Applications Full Lab Replacement The Anatomage Table is sufficient to cover the full anatomy class. High accuracy and rich contents offer an excellent replacement to traditional cadaver based dissection. Since the data preserves the real life patient color and shape, the Table is more effective than embalmed cadavers. The Anatomage Table is an excellent supplement to be used in conjunction with existing cadaver dissections. The Table can be used in labs for procedural instruction. With its segmentation features, each system or anatomical structure can be separated and reviewed...

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Focal Point In a public setting the technologically advanced Anatomage Table never fails to draw attention. The Table’s easy to use interface allows anyone to approach and explore human anatomy. Forensic and Virtual Autopsy Imaging CT scanning is becoming increasingly popular in the field of forensic and archaeological sciences. The Anatomage Table has already played a crucial role in the historic discovery and investigation of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s cause of death documented by Fuji TV and PBS in August 2012. It has also been discussed favorably in a 2013 Scientific American article on...

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Features Gross Anatomy Contents The Table comes with both full body male and female gross anatomy. The full external and internal gross anatomy is volumetrically displayed from head to toe. The images are created from non-chemically treated frozen cadavers. Thus, the color and shape are preserved, illustrating the accurate anatomical realism of a living human. The virtual body can be cut anywhere in anyway, revealing the details of the internal structures. Regional Anatomy Contents The Table also provides high resolution regional anatomy at 0.4mm to 0.1mm. Such high resolution allows for...

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Interactive Cutting and Segmentation The Table offers unique touch interactive cutting tools. With their fingers, users can rotate the virtual body and cut in any direction. After the cut, the cross section shows the details of the internal structure. Users can scroll through the plane of the last cut or cut again to further explore the anatomy. Unlike a real body, a cut can be undone to restore the body instantaneously. Such dissection capabilities set the Table apart from any other simulation system. With the ability to practice dissections over and over again, the Table becomes a very...

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Digital Anatomy Library Pathological Examples The Table has an optional digital library module that includes over one hundred pathological examples, allowing students to not only dissect normal gross anatomy, but also experience abnormal pathologies. The user interface makes it easy to search for scans by regions of the body and includes notes on each case. As part of our commitment to pushing the bounds of digital scan imaging, Anatomage has added 4D scans to the latest table offerings. Visualize beating hearts and respiration with full interactivity.

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Comparative Analysis Furthermore, the digital library offers comparative study cases with synchronized dissections of multiple cases. Open three related cases at a time. A great tool for studying comparative anatomy.

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Building Your Curriculum Award-winning Volumetric Software Every Table comes with a copy of Anatomage’s renowned medical imaging software, Invivo, that can be installed on a separate workstation. Invivo shares the same underlying software as the Anatomage Table and is FDA approved for clinical applications. It also expands on the functionality of the Anatomage Table by providing additional tools for content creation such as three-dimensionally annotating and segmenting patient scans for use directly on the Anatomage Table. Custom Annotations Users can add custom comments and text to any...

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Radiology Workstation Invivo and MD Studio are a high performance, volume rendering package comparable to other expensive radiology software. Open any patient scan (MRI, CT, PET) for immediate 2D slice viewing or instant 3D reconstruction. Users can make measurements both in 2D and 3D for clinical or research applications. Medical Design Studio With the Medical Design Studio, overlay digital models of medical devices directly onto patient scans. View this on the Table for immediate and effective demonstrations of device design and operation on a life-size scale. Conversations can happen...

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Hardware Features Hydrophobic 5 mm tempered glass for protection 85 inch multi-touch surface Industrial display monitor Comfortable height Mobility caster with lock Video output for external projection

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Touchscreen display sufface Power inle( and swllch. Network connection-

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Worldwide Innovation Anatomage Community When you purchase an Anatomage Table you not only get all the high quality contents developed by Anatomage, you also gain access to a global community of educators and researchers who already have developed their own materials. Table users can also expect to enjoy users group meetings and development programs to help make sure that the Table will meet their needs. Anatomage distinguishes itself with cutting edge design supported by an excellent team as part of a larger community of users. International Distribution The Anatomage Table is used...

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