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Series 3 - Abator

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Most effective sterilant Most efficient steriliser M:\lmages\final\_old\Enviromental Safety The high throughput capacity of the Series 3 multi-load steriliser means it is used principally in hospitals and by medical device manufacturers. They find that the Series 3 reduces equipment turnaround time and saves cost compared to sending out to a contractor. Hospitals enjoy the multi-load flexibility, and they also extend the life of equipment that had previously been damaged by other sterilisation technologies. Medical device manufacturers make use of custom validation to run precisely the right conditions for their product. Typically they manufacture high value, low volume items such as sutures, intra-ocular lenses and brachytherapy strings. Micro-Dose System: EtO is provided in glass ampoules, in plastic cartridges. When activated these release EtO directly to the heart of the load delivering a high level of sterility with a very small amount of gas. Series 3 refill kits: AN1006 kit contains 60-litre sterilisation bags, 10.5g gas cartridges, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 25 cycles. For small loads the AN1005 kit contains 20-litre sterilisation bags and 5.0g cartridges. I ANDERSEN 1 PRODUCTS the future of gas sterilisation

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Effective Removal of Ethylene Oxide Emissions The Abator is designed for use with AN306, AN310 and AN333 EOGas Series 3 sterilisers. The vent hose from the steriliser connects to the abator which is vented to the outside of the building for extra safety. There are no electrical connections or electrical devices in the abator itself. This abator has the ability to remove more than 99.9% of EtO emitted. The abator comes with an AN5200.00 refill barrel already in place and can be fitted at the time of steriliser installation, or at a later date. Sterilisation cycles and gas abatement...

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