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AT4 Tourniquet System

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AT4 Tourniquet System Ideal for single or bi-lateral orthopaedic surgery and pain management The Theatre Equipment Specialists

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Innovative technology – practically applied Renowned for innovation and high quality, Anetic Aid listens to customers and works closely with them to develop state-of-the-art products for a variety of clinical environments. This is particularly true of our tourniquet range, a key product which has been designed and produced here in the UK since the company was formed nearly 40 years ago. Our sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy-to-use tourniquet machines are held as stock items, which means we offer swift turnaround times on orders – and the same applies to our accessories: connectors and...

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Contents AT4 Electronic and Pneumatic Tourniquets Tourniquet features Premier Tourniquet Cuffs Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs Single-use, Sterile Tourniquet Cuffs Tourniquet Accessories Customer Service Members of our qualified sales team are available for consultations and can often provide sample products for on-site trials. We also offer demonstrations and training to ensure users fully understand the features of each item. Anetic Aid also has a fully qualified, manufacturer-trained, UK-wide network of Field Engineers offering Servicing and Maintenance packages for maximum peace of mind....

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Anetic Aid’s AT4 Tourniquet Systems are intuitive and simple to use. Compact, light weight and robust, they offer advanced technology combined with maximum safety and reliability. • OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology for a brighter display • Self-calibrating and self-compensating diagnostics • Special IVRA feature – it’s simply impossible to deflate cuffs in the wrong order • Superbly manoeuvrable and stable with an integral stand and built-in storage for accessories The electronic version is a truly independent device operating from its own integral air supply, so no need for...

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Tourniquet features Independent displays Automatic self-diagnostic checks Pre-select and actual cuff pressure readings Easy to clean IVRA (Bier’s block) Procedural guidance feature Pressure range 0 – 600 mmHg Visual and audible warnings Precision controlled regulators User-friendly, simple to use controls For battery, leaks and calibration Positive feel push buttons With user defined elapsed time alarm Inflate / deflate functions Dual channel system Additional storage facility Single or dual channel operation Cuff hooks Colour coded channels From controls to cuff Quick release hosing For...

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Premier Tourniquet Cuffs Premier Tourniquet Cuffs are a traditional re-usable tourniquet cuff. Manufactured from easy to clean, robust, latex free materials with additional safety straps for long-term use, available in a variety of colour coded sizes from paediatric to extra-large adult leg. Premier Tourniquet Cuffs Description Code Paediatric (305mm x 60mm) re-usable and robust for long-term use Premier Tourniquet Cuffs Premier Tourniquet Cuffs – Bier’s block Additional safety eliminates roll or twist Light weight Full range of sizes Description Code designed for patient comfort Secure...

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Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs are an ideal alternative to re-usable cuffs, offering reduced risk of cross infection. Guaranteed for six uses, they are cost effective enough to dispose of as a single use item. Latex free with a slim, low profile design, they are available in a range of colour coded sizes and supplied in boxes of 10. Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs (box of 10) – Straight Description Code Paediatric (305mm x 80mm) Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs limited life, easy to clean and cost effective Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs (box of 10) – Conical Description...

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Single-use, Sterile Tourniquet Cuffs Single-use, Sterile Tourniquet Cuffs are the latest addition to our range, providing sterility when the risk of infection is key. Because they are sterile, these cuffs can be used in front of sterile drapes, giving the surgeon optimum operating space – particularly useful in paediatrics or for procedures such as total knee replacement or ulna nerve decompression. If a towel slips or is breached, these cuffs do not compromise the sterile field, giving added security against cross infection. Single-use, Sterile Tourniquet Cuffs (box of 10) Description Code...

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Digital Tourniquets is a simple, easy to apply, digit tourniquet available in four, highly visible, colour coded sizes. Toe-niquets are sterile and are supplied in packs of 10 containing either ‘large’ or ‘small’ sizes. Introduced in response to the National Patient Safety Agency NPSA/2009/RRR007, they have an integral nylon tag to ensure safe removal. TM Toe-niquets are individually packed, sterilised by irradiation and the pouch is made from high quality Tyvek and conforms to BSEN-5 1999 Standard, providing full traceability with batch numbers for medical records. TM Toe-niquet Digital...

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Tourniquet Accessories Cuff Covers and Foam Cuff Liners are used to protect soft tissue from pinching and shear forces when inflating the tourniquet. They are produced with just the correct amount of padding to ensure the lowest pressure required for safe limb occlusion. Cuff Covers also offer a barrier against skin prep and other procedural fluids and ensure the cuff remains clean between cases. Tourniquet Cuff Covers (box of 30) Description Code Tourniquet Cuff Covers – Padded, Small Tourniquet Cuff Covers – Padded, Large Foam Cuff Liners (pack of 10) Description Code Foam Cuff Liners...

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Tourniquet Accessories A full range of accessories and parts are available for our tourniquet equipment. We keep Connectors, Main Air Supply Hoses and ‘O’ ring washers in stock and can also offer specialist items such as the Rhys Davies Exsanguinator. Connectors and Main Air Supply Hoses Connectors and Main Air Supply Hoses Description Code Y-Connector – medical air – 4 bar Extension Lead – 5 metre – 4 bar male probe to 4 bar female Schrader Extension Lead – 5 metre – 7 bar male probe to 7 bar female Schrader ‘O’ Ring Washers, Nitrile (pack of 50) AT4 Main Air Supply Hose – 5 metre – 7 bar...

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