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QA3 Drive

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Autumn / Winter 2017 Issue 20i CLINICAL ESSENTIALS INTERNATIONAL Innovative technology - practically applied IN THIS ISSUE • Looking back on 40 years of Anetic Aid • Leicester Hospital’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department • Powered patient trolleys with inbuilt drive

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Tourniquet Equipment QA3 Patient Trolley QA3: compact, light and supremely manoeuvrable – now with options for inbuilt drive and powered functions Our QA3 Patient Trolley can be found in more than 90% of NHS Hospitals in the UK and increasingly, across the world. It is unrivalled in its compact, light weight and highly manoeuvrable design. The latest evolution of this flagship product has model options offering significant new benefits: Powered Functions And of course these new QA3 models still have the features which have made it the trolley of choice for so many practitioners: • Side...

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Tourniquet Equipment QA3 Emergency Trolley There are also specially designed versions of the QA3 for Accident & Emergency Departments. All have X-ray translucent platforms and medirails – with additional features such as monitor shelves and Venturi suction systems available. Models including inbuilt 2 fixed transfusion poles – fitted as standard to emergency trolley powered features are also part of the range. X-ray translucent platform – full length radio translucent platform suitable for digital or traditional plates Infection control – smooth moulded surfaces and acrylic capped vac...

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Design and Innovation - Quality UK Production - International Partnerships - Distribution - Aftercare r    ^ Anetic Aid is a British company that has been designing, supplying and supporting equipment for a wide variety of clinical environments since 1977. Renowned for innovation and high quality, we listen to customers and work closely with them to develop state-of-the-art products which we distribute across the UK, and increasingly, around the world. The last 40 years have seen huge changes - in healthcare, Our range has expanded massively: we now have more than 6,500 catalogue items, and...

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Design and Innovation – Quality UK Production – International Partnerships – Distribution – Aftercare A history in pictures – some of our products and special moments through the decades… Anetic Aid Ltd. Sapper Jordan Rossi Business Park, Otley Road, Baildon BD17 7AX, UK T +44 (0) 1943 878647 view page

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Stainless Steel Furniture Furnish your theatre with quality In our furniture range, we use only British Standard recommended gauges of 304 Stainless Steel. Provita easy action single handed mechanism: quick release, safety locking Ward Environment We mechanically polish and electropolish these items, removing crests and valleys invisible to the naked eye, producing an even smoother surface – making it less likely that any matter such as dirt or bacteria will adhere to the surface of the steel. Heavy Base 5 Star Base Transfusion Stands Our Transfusion Stands include a light weight, 5-Star...

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Electrostatic Decontamination System Effective, eco-friendly infection prevention and control Our new Electrostatic Decontamination System uses a combination of advanced technologies to disinfect three dimensional objects, swiftly, easily and effectively. High Level Disinfectant HLD Kills bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi including Norovirus, HIV and C Difficile. Surface Modifying Coating SMC The second solution is a Surface Modifying Coating which uses nanotechnology to form a long-lasting, bonded surface coating, hostile to bacteria and other microorganisms, effectively inhibiting their...

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QA4 Day Surgery Trolley: the complete multi-purpose operating system Superior surgical access and versatility are the hallmarks of the QA4 Day Surgery Trolley System -a total solution for modern day treatment centres. Available in powered and manual versions, it comes with a choice of head and foot sections and can be used with most operating table accessories making it ideal for general surgery, urology, endoscopy, dental and ENT procedures, PLUS: shoulder arthroscopy, gynaecology, orthopaedics and ophthalmics. Gynaecology • Head section removed for anaesthetist access • Light weight leg...

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Tourniquet Equipment Why we’re your total tourniquet partner... Rhys Davies Exsanguinator The Rhys Davies Exsanguinator is a simple but effective piece of equipment which allows the exsanguination of limbs for surgery without subjecting the limb to the high pressures experienced with other methods of exsanguination. Our British designed and manufactured AT4 Tourniquet System is easy to use and ideal for single or bi-lateral orthopaedic surgery and pain management. With its own integral air supply, there is no need for an external pressure source. It also has sensitive leak compensation...

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