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QA3 Patient Trolley System

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Patient Trolley System Compact, light weight and manoeuvrable – the complete solution for patient transport

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QA3 PATIENT TROLLEY SYSTEM: Four new models to choose from Powered $ Patient Trolley QA3 IIIIIIIDRIVE Powered $ Patient Trolley Ideal for patient transport, examination and intubation in theatre and clinical areas: supremely manoeuvrable, compact, light weight and robust with maximum patient comfort built in. Featuring inbuilt motorised drive - operated by innovative touch-sensitive pushing handles: controlled, effortless travel up to gradients of 10° Electrically powered positioning - raise or lower the whole trolley platform, the backrest or raise the middle section to place the trolley...

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STANDARD FEATURES Supremely manoeuvrable, compact, light weight and robust with maximum patient comfort built in: ideal for patient transport, examination and intubation in theatre and any other clinical area. Pushing handles four ergonomically positioned pushing handles for supreme manoeuvrability With the backrest raised, it is little more than 1.8m long and it descends lower and is narrower and shorter than nearly all other patient trolleys on the market. unique design, precision controlled, easy lift system for enhanced user and patient comfort Trendelenburg tilt extremely smooth and...

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Inbuilt motorised drive offers effortless movement combined with ultimate control Because people and therefore patients are getting larger, it's crucial that we take moving and handling issues into account, giving practitioners a trolley on which patients can be moved and positioned as easily as possible. The introduction of our new touch-activated, motorised DRIVE feature offers a major enhancement in a trolley that already has ease of use, practicality and patient comfort built in. The trolley can also be used in traditional fifth wheel steer mode. QA3IIIIIDRIVEPatient Trolley...

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FEATURES Minimise risks for practitioners dealing with increasing patient weights with powered positioning: the whole trolley platform or the backrest can be raised or lowered electronically from the panel at the foot end. An additional powered feature places the trolley into the KneeFlex position for easy elevation of the lower limbs for patients having leg and foot procedures – position also provides additional comfort, particularly for patients undergoing abdominal procedures. Platform height – electrically powered raise and lower mechanism Backrest – electrically powered raise and lower...

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QA3 Powered Patient Trolley QA3IIIIIDRIVE Powered $ Patient Trolley QA3 '< 800for Bariatric Patients Increased platform/mattress - width: 800mm Again recognising the trend for increasing patient weights and sizes, we offer special Bariatric versions of the QA3. The extra wide (800mm) platform significantly increases the surface area for added safety and comfort for Bariatric patients. Increased surface area Pressure care mattress As with all of our trolleys, the QA3 < 800 > is fitted with the K8 pressure care mattress. At its core is high density foam together with a layer of thermally...

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Anetic Aid’s K8 technology mattresses can be found in over 90% of NHS hospitals in the UK. K8 Pressure Care Mattresses Pressure care and infection control are top priorities in a trolley mattress – and Anetic Aid’s independently tested K8 pressure care mattress addresses both of these vital factors. Normal Mattress At its core is high density foam, uniquely specified by Anetic Aid. This means that the mattress can be thinner, while still offering the same, if not better, pressure distribution than a thicker, less sophisticated foam. This is particularly important with tables and trolleys,...

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LIFETIME WARRANTY QA3 Trolley System: we offer the unique and popular ‘Lifetime Warranty Scheme’ Take out a service package for regular maintenance costs, fixed for 10 years, including a 10 YEAR WARRANTY Covers engineer’s time and most parts – also ask about our maintenance programmes 693695 69975 Value for money: minimum downtime, maximum peace of mind

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For more information on any of our products or service contracts, call: T +44 (0)1943 878647 Innovative technology - practically applied Anetic Aid Ltd. Sapper Jordan Rossi Business Park, Otley Road, Baildon BD17 7AX, UK Hydraulic lift mechanism - exceptional low height capability Vertically operated side rails - giving a virtually zero transfer gap Trendelenburg tilt - extremely smooth and controlled mechanism Latest castor technology - low rolling resistance for high manoeuvrability 5th wheel steering - easily guided by one person Pushing handles -...

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