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Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture

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Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Quality materials and workmanship guaranteed Instrument Trolleys Dressing Trolleys Surgeon’s Seating Transfusion Stands Mayo Tables, Kick-abouts and Bowl Stands Surgeon’s Platform and Linen Receivers Additional Storage Spare Components AneticAid The Theatre Equipment Specialists

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Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Innovative technology – practically applied Renowned for innovation and high quality, Anetic Aid listens to customers and works closely with them to develop state-of-the-art products for a variety of clinical environments. In our furniture range, we use only British Standard recommended gauges of 304 stainless steel. We mechanically polish and electropolish these items, removing crests and valleys invisible to the naked eye and producing an even smoother surface – making it less likely that any matter such as dirt or bacteria will adhere to the surface of...

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Instrument Trolleys Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Introduction We offer a wide range of Instrument Trolleys and every component is quality hallmarked. Each product is individually inspected and available for immediate dispatch. All our Instrument Trolleys have Fixed Downturned (D/T) Shelves, come complete with Stainless Steel bright polished frames and use only British Standard recommended gauge 304 stainless steel. All shelves are 2.0mm thick with a 240 silicon grain ultra smooth satin finish. The castors are twin-wheeled, non-corrosive and ideal for modern clinical areas. Instrument...

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Dressing Trolleys Dressing trolleys have Fixed Upturned (U/T) Shelves which are ideal for anaesthetic and recovery room areas. Trolleys with single or double drawer units are also available for immediate dispatch. Optional swivel bowls for plaster rooms are available on request. Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture General Specifications: Instrument and Dressing Trolleys Frames Stainless Steel bright polished tube 65mm twin-wheeled, polyurethane-tyred, non-corrosive castors Instrument Trolleys Stainless Steel polished sheet 240 silicon grain ultra smooth satin finish Description Code Dressing...

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Surgeon’s Seating Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Introduction Our gas-lift stools are made in a modular design which allows customers to choose the exact specifications to meet their needs. They are foot-operated, which allows adjustment without compromising the sterile field. We have maintained a simple form by enclosing the mechanism inside a moulded cover and all metalwork is mirror polished with a specialist heavy duty Teflon® coated finish on the base. Pressure Care pads are fitted as standard. Instrument Trolleys • Stool mechanism enclosed within moulded cover for easy cleaning...

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Transfusion Stands • Extendable and removable, unique hook mechanism Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Transfusion Stand Ward Environment Provita easy action single handed mechanism: quick release, safety locking Transfusion Stand 5 Star Base Our transfusion stands incorporate several important features rarely found on other transfusion stands on the market. These include solid stainless steel poles, an innovative quick release safety locking mechanism† and drainage at the base of the column to prevent fluid build-up. There is a specialist heavy duty Teflon® coated finish on the light...

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Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Mayo Tables Supplied with two base options, both weighted for exceptional stability, Mayo tables are manufactured to a traditional design and recognised for their ease of use and functionality. Kick-abouts These models are made with the highest grade materials. All are electropolished to produce an even smoother surface and finished with twin-wheeled, polyurethane-tyred, non-corrosive castors. General Specifications: Kick-abouts I ^(Framel Stainless Steel electropolished finish 11 Bowl/Bucketl Stainless Steel electropolished and graduated finish Castorsl...

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Surgeon’s Platform Designed to allow full surgical access, our platforms achieve maximum stability by using only 4.5mm non-slip aluminium treadplate. General Specifications: Surgeon’s Platform Stainless Steel electropolished Aluminium 4.5mm non-slip treadplate Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Introduction Instrument Trolleys Dressing Trolleys Surgeon’s Seating Surgeon's Platform Transfusion Stands Mayo Tables, Kick-abouts and Bowl Stands Surgeon’s Platform and Linen Receivers Additional Storage Linen Receivers With single or dual options, these stable but highly manoeuvrable items have...

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Additional Storage Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture PALS Stand This ergonomically designed stand offers a complete storage solution for general operating theatre and QA4 accessories. Adaptable, robust and multi-functional, it is ideal for modern theatre environments and clinical areas. The perfect way to store and protect your investment, this strong and light weight cart holds and transports stirrups or leg holders. Introduction Instrument Trolleys General Specifications: PALS Stand Frame General Specifications: QA4 Accessory Stand Dressing Trolleys Powder-coated aluminium Roto-moulded...

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Spare Components Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture Introduction Instrument Trolleys Dressing Trolleys Surgeon’s Seating Description Code Large Castors Twin Wheel for Theatre Furniture (pack of 4) 25260 Braking Castors for Theatre Furniture (pack of 4) 25270 Theatre Furniture Castor – Red 25240 Theatre Furniture Castor – Blue 25242 Theatre Furniture Castor – Green 25244 Theatre Furniture Castor – Yellow 25246 Backrest (c/w Pad) for Surgeon’s Stool 25320 Armrest (c/w Pad) for Surgeon’s Stool (pair) 25330 Spare Seat Cushion for Surgeon’s Stool 25340 Spare Backrest Pad for Surgeon’s Stool 25350...

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Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture QA3 Patient Trolley System QA4 Day Surgery Trolley System Ideal for patient transport, examination and intubation in theatre and clinical areas – with a specially designed version for Accident and Emergency. The complete multi-purpose mobile operating system – choose either the powered or manual version to suit your needs. Introduction Instrument Trolleys Dressing Trolleys Surgeon’s Seating Transfusion Stands Mayo Tables, Kick-abouts and Bowl Stands Surgeon’s Platform and Linen Receivers Additional Storage Description Code QA3 Patient Trolley System v3.0 –...

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