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The Ultimate in Array Design RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION StarBurst® XL RFA Device Its real-time, multi-point temperature feedback system ensures sustained target temperatures during the procedure. The patented temperature based end point provides predictable volumes of ablation with low local recurrence rates. Needle track ablation, adjustable array size, and temperature based technology of the revolutionary, first-generation StarBurst XL RFA electrode assures a high level of confidence that coagulative necrosis is taking place throughout the targeted radiofrequency interstitial tissue...

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Because Temperature Matters This minimally invasive RFA device ensures consistent, • A single device with the capability to produce scalable, spherical ablations (3-5 cm) sustained target temperatures and enables the precise ablation of predictable volumes of tissue. • Patented expandable, multi-array space filling configuration† • Predictable, repeatable ablations†† • Multi-point temperature feedback with dynamic, real-time readouts • 5 mm active tip allows for needle track ablation • Slim handle design • Small minimally invasive incision with no soft tissue introducer required Scalable...

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STARBURST ® XL ELECTRODES Product Name StarBurst XL Electrode w/ attached cable StarBurst XL Electrode w/ attached cable StarBurst XL Electrode w/ attached cable Main Cable (Green - 9 to 14 pin) STARBURST ® XL SEMI-FLEX ELECTRODES Product Name StarBurst XL Semi-Flex Electrode StarBurst XL Semi-Flex Electrode w/attached cable COAXIAL ACCESS SYSTEM INTRODUCERS Introducer Type Soft Introducer Soft Introducer Soft Introducer Hard Introducer Hard Introducer Pre-attached Main Cable Main cable is pre-attached for improved ease of use. Model 1500X RF Generator The Model 1500X RF Generator is...

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