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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec CMOS Compact Fluorescence Imager Product overview The Anitoa CFI x24 (x = 1, 2, 3, 4) is a family of compact multi-spectral fluorescence imagers for molecular sensing and imaging. CFIx24 is enabled by Anitoa’s ultra-low-light CMOS image sensors to achieve high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and low background noise. Its low cost, small form factor, ruggedness make it optimally suited for use in a portable device in medical, life science and industrial applications. An example of such application is a field portable nucleic-acid-test (NAT) system for molecular diagnostics, food or environment safety assurance. Figure 1. Compact multi-wavelengths fluorescence imager. Left top: 1-channel system with filter installed; left bottom: a micro 2-channel system with confocal LED optimized for microfluidics applications; Right top: a fiber coupled 4 channel system; Right bottom: Con-focal 2 channel imager with integrated 2 channel UV excitation LED for tissue imaging. The CFI x24 compact multi-spectral fluorescence imager is offered in 1, 2, 3, or 4 channel configurations, with optional integrated LED-based excitation light source. CFI x24 has an USB interface (USB HID or USB 2.0). A Windows-based image capture software, ULVision from Anitoa, is provided to acquire and analyze fluorescence images. A software development kit (SDK) is also

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec available (with optional Python languge interface) for users who wish to develop custom image acquisition and analysis software. Features of CFI x24 - High sensitivity, wide dynamic range and low background noise. - Equipped with ultra-low-light sensitive CMOS image sensor. - Compact and rugged. No internal moving parts. - Multi-wavelength channels sensing capability. - USB 2.0 or HID interface. No driver needed (USB HID option). - Low power. USB provided 5V power. <100mW active power (3 channel system w/o LED). - Wide operating temperature range -25 °C - 55...

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec *: Wavelength characteristics can be modified by changing filters. **: We support 1 – 4 channels in different configurations. ULVison Software CFIx24 is offered with integrated ULVision software for multi-spectral fluorescence image capture and analysis. ULVision communicate with the CFI x24 in a compete plug and play fashion. ULVision allows the user to apply fine control of image capture in different operating modes, adjust resolution, sensitivity, exposure time, performing temperature compensated dark subtraction as a means of eliminating background...

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec LED-based light source option Matching excitation LED-based light sources and filters are also available from Anitoa. The LED light sources are provided with collimating lenses and excitation filters. LED light sources can be provided separately, or integrated with the imaging module in a con-focal configuration. LED light source power and timing control is supported seamlessly by the ULVision software. With integrated con-focal LED light source, CFI x24 provides the most convenient and consistent lighting performance in an integrated package. CFI x24 LED...

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec Applications Biomedical and life science Molecular sensing/imaging based fluorescence signaling principles.          DNA quantification (e.g. in DNA/RNA sequencing sample preparation). DNA microarray read out. qPCR system, microfluidic qPCR and Digital PCR Microfluidic or Lateral flow immunoassay (ELISA). Capillary electrophoresis Circulating Tumor Cell imaging. Tissue auto-fluorescence imaging for metabolic monitoring Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization (FISH) Read out of quantum-dot-tagged molecules or cells. For more information about...

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec Application data showcase Figure 3. Auto-fluorescence emission from tissue sample. Top and middle: 2D and 3D histograms of collimated UV LED output measurement. Bottom, auto-fluorescence emission from tissue sample as indicator of metabolism level in organs transplantion (credit: Swedish ICT/ACREO).

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CFI x24 Preliminary Product Spec inquiry contact CFI x24 is offered in a semicustom fashion. For quote and delivery time estimate, please contact us at address below. Anitoa will supply a questionnaire to gather customer requirement information before providing a quote and lead time estimate. Anitoa Systems, LLC 149 Commonwealth Drive, Suite 1001 Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

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