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Maverick Preliminary Data Sheet Maverick compact qPCR system Product overview Anitoa Maverick is a portable high-performance real time quantitative PCR system. Maverick is equipped with a 4-channel direct imaging fluorescence optical system, powered by Anitoa's ultra-lowlight CMOS bio-imager sensor; and a fast Peltier-powered thermal cycler. Maverick is optimally suited for applications where portability, minimal space, fast time-to-result is required. Applications of Maverick are point-of-care molecular diagnostics test (POCT)1, food safety and environment testing, agriculture, or research lab use where bench space is limited. Figure 1. Maverick compact qPCR system Compact and rugged design. No internal moving parts, and no need for calibration. Multi-wavelengths 4-channels fluorescence sensing capability2. Equipped with ultra-low-light sensitive CMOS-based fluorescent imager. Multi-lingual, cross platform software, with cloud connectivity for data storage and analytics Low power. External 10V supply. <= 90W active power. Battery-backup option for outdoor use and power loss protection Clinical clearance maybe required Support Intercalating dyes, hydroxyls probes and FRET probes

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Maverick Preliminary Data SheetKey parameters Capacity (# of wells) *: Wavelength characteristics can be modified by changing filter modules. **: We support 1 - 4 channels in different configurations.

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Maverick Preliminary Data Sheet Figure 2. Maverick™ software, multi-language and multi-platform (PC, Android) Figure 3. Size comparison of Maverick 8, 4, and 16 well models Figure 4. Maverick uses Anitoa’s ultra-sensitive CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) for fluorescence detection

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Maverick Preliminary Data Sheet Applications • Point-of-care molecular diagnostics3 • Food safety test • Environmental microbial-threat monitoring • Agriculture DNA testing • Forensic testing • Research and educational lab use • Drug quality assurance testing Contact Anitoa Systems, LLC 149 Commonwealth Drive Suit 1001 Menlo Park, CA 94025 3 Clinical clearance required.

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