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Product overview The ULS24 Solution Kit is an "out of box" solution to allow the user to conveniently evaluate Anitoa ULS24 Ultra Low-light CMOS imager chip. The ULS 24 Solution Kit includes the ULS24 sensor IC, an interface board, and software. This solution kit can readily interface with a PC via USB. Temperature sensor Figure 1 ULS24 Solution Kit Block Diagram Features of Anitoa ULS24 CMOS Imager - Ultra low-light sensitivity. Detection threshold ~3.0 x 10-6 lux. - Low dark current, high SnR (>13dB at detection threshold). - 12-bit ADC - Wide dynamic range (~ 85dB). Excellent linearity. - Digital interface through Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). - Built-in junction temperature sensor. - 3.3V and 1.8V power supply, 30mW max power. - Operating temperature range -15 °C - 85 °C . 1 The image sensor can meet noise spec at junction temperature up to 55 °C

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ULS24 Solution Kit Kit Content Sensor board - This is a small (24mm x 26mm) PCB board that contains the ULS24 Ultra lowlight CMOS imager chip. On the back of the Sensor board is a small connector that connects to the 16pin ribbon cable. uC Interface board - This is a 70mm x 90mm board that contains an STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller. The system firmware is pre-programmed into the microcontroller. The Interface board connects with the sensor board through a 16-pin ribbon cable. Interface board also connects to a PC through USB interface. Ribbon cables - This is a 16-pin ribbon cable that...

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ULS24 Solution Kit ULVision overview ULVision is a PC software that displays captured image and allow user to enter control parameters. Detailed description of these control parameters is provided below. Figure 2 ULVision PC Software screen shot

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 4

ULS24 Solution Kit Getting started guide Below is a step-by-step instruction to set up the whole system and test the basic functions. 1. Visually inspect the components of the kit to make sure nothing is damaged. If damages are found, please contact Anitoa Systems, LLC (info@anitoa.com) to request a replacement. 2. Connect the Sensor Board with the uC Interface Board - follow instructions in Appendix B, insert and lock the ribbon cable with connectors on the Sensor Board and uC Interface Board. The metal contact portion of the ribbon cable end should face down. 3. Install Software on a PC....

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 5

ULS24 Solution Kit Control Parameters Integration time Integration time is the amount of time each pixel uses to collect light. It is not the same, but related to frame time, which is the amount of time the image sensor uses to collect light for the frame. Integration time is chosen according to the light illumination level. For very low level of light, longer integration time is needed for the pixels to generate sufficient level of response to show the feature of interest. The sensor's response to a fixed level of light is proportional to integration time. In general, choose the shortest...

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 6

ULS24 Solution Kit Pixel binning pattern: 4-bin mode In low resolution, i.e. 12x12, mode, each big pixel consists of 4 smallpixels. Any combination of the 4 small pixels can be turned on or off by software. This is accomplished by configure the 4-bin mode input parameter. 4-bin mode parameter is a 4 bit binary entity. Appendix A explains how to bin normal pixels to a big pixel. In 24x24 resolution, adjusting 4-bin mode has no effect. Capture mode Row(s), for each capture request, one or more rows will be scanned. User can specify the starting row and ending row. All rows between the...

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 7

ULS24 Solution Kit Output format The text output window contains pixel reading values printed out in a matrix. These values can be show either as decimal value or hex value. Sync output timing A logic signal is provide to indicate the timing of frame capture. This signal can be used for a variety of purposes, including generating an excitation light in fluorescent imaging. Setup time: the time (in ms) between the onset of sync signal and start or frame capture. Hold time: the time between finishing of frame capture and end of sync signal. Dark output level Under normal operation, when the...

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 8

ULS24 Solution Kit Trouble shooting guide 1. ULVision cannot detect uC Interface Board Make sure that the uC Interface Board is connected to the PC via provided USB cable. Also make sure the uC Interface Board receives power from the USB interface. When the uC Interface Board is powered and the firmware started running, the LEDs on the uC Interface Board will flash 2. uC Interface board is functioning property but the system cannot capture image. Make sure that the Sensor Board and uC Interface Board are properly connected with the 16-pin ribbon cable. 3. Image remains completely dark even...

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 9

ULS24 Solution Kit Appendix A: ULS24 Pixel format and binning pattern explained The orientation of the chip relative to the package is shown below. Chip package Sensing area Figure 3 Chip orientation and pixel format

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 10

ULS24 Solution Kit The pixels of the imager are arranges as a matrix shown below. Each big pixel is comprised of 4 subpixels. Figure 4a, Pixel binning pattern In 12X12 low resolution mode, each effective pixel is comprised of 4 subpixels. Any combination of the 4 subpixels can be chosen to sense light. When more than one subpixel is chosen, the sensitivity is multiplied. For example, if all 4 pixels are chosen, the sensitivity of the device is quadrupled. Below is the software interface for setting the binning pattern.

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 11

Figure 4c Binning pattern code explained 11

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 12

ULS24 Solution Kit Appendix B: 16-pin Ribbon Cable and Connector Guide Method to connect 16-pin ribbon cable 1. Insert cable with blue portion facing up, and with locking tab pulled out 3. Make sure cable is fully inserted and locked

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ULS24 Solution Kit - 13

ULS24 Solution Kit Contact Anitoa Systems, LLC 1717 Embarcadero Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94303 www.anitoa.com info@anitoa.com

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