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ULS24 Product Brief Product overview The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS image sensor. Its low cost, small form factor and high level of integration make it optimally suited for use in a portable device in medical, scientific and industrial applications. An example of such application is a field portable nucleic-acid-test (NAT) system that performs molecular sensing based-on fluorescence or chemiluminescence signaling principles. ULS24 is built on 0.18um CMOS process at a world-leader specialty semiconductor foundry. Pixel array Pixel Ctrlr Figure 1. ULS24 Chip Application Block Diagram Features - Ultra low-light sensitivity. Detection threshold ~3.0 x 10-6 lux. - Low dark current, high SnR (>13dB at detection threshold). - 12-bit ADC. Dual gain mode. - Wide dynamic range (> 85dB). Excellent linearity (<0.6%). - Digital interface through Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). - Built-in junction temperature sensor. - 3.3V and 1.8V power supply, 30mW max power. - Operating temperature range -15 °C - 85 “C1. 1 The image sensor can meet noise spec at junction temperature up to 55 °C.

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ULS24 Product BriefKey parameters Imager size Quantum efficiency (QE) x Fill factor (FF) vs. Wavelength:

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ULS24 Product Brief ULS 24 Solution Kit The ULS24 Solution Kit is available as an “out of box” solution to allow the user to conveniently evaluate ULS24. The ULS 24 Solution Kit includes the ULS24 Sensor IC, an interface board, and software (ULVision). This solution kit can readily interface with a PC via USB. Figure 3. ULVision software

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ULS24 Product BriefApplications Biomedical and life science Molecular sensing/imaging based fluorescence and chemiluminescence signaling principles. • DNA and RNA quantification, fluorescent-based • Miniaturized qPCR system or digital qPCR • Fluorescence or chemiluminescence-based Immunoassay/ELISA • DNA or Protein microarray • Pyro-sequencing • Capillary electrophoresis • Cell sorting/Imaging flow cytometry • Fluorescence Images Guided Surgery (FIGS) Industrial and scientific • Quantum dot spectrometer • Hazard and chemical-threat detection instruments Figure 4. ULS24-based fluorescence...

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ULS24 Product Brief Application data showcase Figure 5. ULS24 measuring fluorescent emission from immunoassay test, at 3 different signal levels. Left: dark input; right top: medium signal level; right bottom: strong signal level Figure 6, ULS24 successfully applied in qPCR to detect E Coli. (DH5a) bacteria, with as low as 10 copies/reaction detection limit.

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ULS24 Product Brief Contact Anitoa Systems, LLC 149 Commonwealth Drive, Suite 1001 Menlo Park, CA 94025 www.anitoa.com info@anitoa.com

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