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CONVENIENCE AND ACCURACY THE CONVENIENCE OF A UNIVERSAL EXTERNAL HEXAGONAL CONNECTION w Platform Ø 4.1 mm for implants with diameter implant DESIGNED TO ENSURE TREATMENTS IN TOTAL SAFETY w 5 years of clinical experience 1 w Smooth neck 0.5 mm height w itanium Grade IV: mechanical resistance1 T superior to the requirements of Standard ISO 5832-2 w Surface treatment with osteoconductive BCP® (Biphasic Calcium Phosphate): medium roughness2 promotes osseointegration3, biocompatibility4, cleanliness5 EASIER SURGERY w Implant with a cylindrical profile designed for all bone densities w traumatic apex A w New single surgical kit, that is both compact and ergonomic (see back) w Implant supplied with an implant holder which can double as a temporary abutment Cover screw supplied with the implant A COMPLETE PROSTHETIC RANGE w For single, multiple or complete cemented or removable prostheses w Constant emergence profile of prosthetic parts w Reworkable Grade V biocompatible titanium abutments6 with TIN Plus® coating w Possibility of customised prostheses thanks to CAD-CAM Simeda® technology 1. 2015 Liens A., et al, Multi-scale microstructural and mechanical characterization of titanium and titanium alloys used in dentistry (2015), Poster presented at the 24th EAO’s Annual Scientific Congress, Stockholm, Sweden. 2. Internal data, characterisation made by the LaMCoS laboratory at INSA of Lyon – 2017 3. Internal data, clinical follow-up of Axiom® BL, non-interventional, 168 implants monitored for up to 1 year after loading. 4. Internal data, study conducted by the LMI laboratory of Lyon – 2012. 5. Implant Study 2014/2015, Quantitative and qualitative element analysis of implant surfaces by SEM/EDX. Author Dr Dirk Duddeck, Department for oral surgery and implantology, University of Cologne, Germany. 6. Velasco-Ortega, E., Jos, A., Cameán, A. M., Pato-Mourelo, J., & Segura-Egea, J. J. (2010). In vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of a commercial titanium alloy for dental implantology. Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, 70

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New Anthofit®HE Surgical Kit THE BENEFITS +1 single kit containing all surgical ancillaries. + Simplicity and ergonomics: the ancillaries are placed according to the surgical protocol, colour coded according to implant diameter. SPECIFICATIONS: W High resistance to the constraints of thermal disinfection and sterilisation. W Orientable protection caps for easier ancillary accessibility. W Various placements and interchangeable components available to personalise the content of the kit. W Complete range of ancillaries available in short and long version to meet all implant surgery...

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