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In their quest for increasingly reliable, accessible and relevant solutions, the Anthogyr team has devised a way to bring even more added value to your implantology practice, without compromising on the benefits of products already in use, tested and appreciated. From this research comes a new range of products: Axiom® Multi Level®. In perfect harmony and continuity with all Anthogyr products developed to date, the Axiom® Multi Level® line expands possibilities by offering total compatibility between the Bone Level and Tissue Level philosophies. PEACE OF MIND — of a full CAD-CAM Simeda®...

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NEW IMPLANT Axiom® TL, Tissue Level SMART RANGE Total integration in the Axiom® universe Axiom® BL, Bone Level

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Axiom® BL, Bone Level and Axiom® TL, Tissue Level implants: total com An innovative inLink® connection on Bone Level and on Tissue Level for a combined prosthesis on BL and TL implants. A logic shared by different solutions for a simple application: -> 1 single compact, ergonomic surgery kit. -> The same tools for BL and TL implant placement. -> Simple drilling protocol adapted to each implant. Wide choice of surgical and prosthetic solutions adapted to each indication W Implants on healed sites and all kinds of bone tissue: REG profile. W Immediate implants and low bone density: PX...

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axiom® MULTI^ZZZa® freedompatibility of two approachesRESPECT FOR BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES Optimal stability and management of soft and hard tissues for a predictable result, regardless of the approach. Axiom® Bone Level Axiom® Tissue Level Sealed conical Platform connection switching Epithelial-conjunctive attachment Anatomical gingival profile Favourable bone stimulation W REG and PX attachment profiles adapted to the clinical situation, for excellent primary stability. W Low concentration of screw threads. W Transformation of occlusive loads into compression promoting bone stimulation....

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NEW IMPLANT Axiom® Tissue Level inLink® connection for multiple screw-retained restoration Prosthetic platforms Ø 4.0 - Ø 4.8 mm, Neck heights 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.5 mm Tissue Favored Design Indexed connection for single restoration • 4 diameters: 3.4, 4.0, 4.6 and 5.2 mm • 2 platform diameters 4.0 and 4.8 mm • 3 neck heights 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 mm • REG o

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AXIOM® TISSUE LEVEL RESPECT FOR BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES Safe prosthetic approach at gingival level W Sealing at Bone level, total absence of bacterial infiltration at gingival level. W Lower risk of peri-implantitis. W Hard tissue stability. Epithelium and connective tissue attachment preserved W Respect for the physical and physiological barriers. W Soft tissue stability. SURGICAL AND PROSTHETIC CONVENIENCE Saves time, one-step surgery only. Easier prosthetic handling at gingival level. W Increased visibility in the mouth. W Fewer elements, no intermediate abutment. OPTIMAL TISSUE MANAGEMENT...

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Axiom® BL Bone Level BIOLOGICAL INTEGRATION Sealed internal conical connection w Morse taper type connection. w No micromovements: no bacterial infiltration. w Alveolar bone is preserved. w Homogeneous distribution of mechanical constraints. “Platform Switching” w Development of a gingival sleeve. w Soft tissue stabilisation. w Hard tissue stability. Sanded threaded neck Platform Switching w Optimised bone attachment. w Integral BCP® sanding including on the neck platform. w The cortical bone is preserved. SURGICAL CONVENIENCE w Subcrestal placement for flexible aesthetic management. w Guided...

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BONE LEVEL PROSTHETIC CONVENIENCE Single diameter prosthetic connection w For all BL REG and PX implant diameters (except BL 2.8). w Free choice of implant regardless of prosthetic volume to restore. w A single prosthetic range to manage. Intuitive trilobated connection w Guided, accurate abutment placement. COMPREHENSIVE PROSTHETIC RANGE THAT RESPECTS SOFT TISSUES w Sealed or screw-retained solutions, single to complete, total prosthesis stabilisation. sterile delivered w Multi-Unit and inLink® abutments for multiple screw-retained prostheses. w CAD-CAM Simeda® solution. w The epithelium...

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INNOVATION New inLink® connection Angulated Access inLink® integrated lock system inLink® abutment for Axiom® BL: • 2 diameters 4.0 and 4.8 mm • 2 gingival heights 2.5 and 3.5 mm • Delivered sterile for 1st surgery pla

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inLinK® ABUTMENT inLink®, A UNIQUE SYSTEM DEDICATED TO SCREW-RETAINED MULTIPLE RESTORATIONS A lock system totally integrated in a CAD-CAM Simeda® prosthesis W No screw removal or handling. W Fast screw placement. W Compact vertical design. FLEXIBLE AXES W Adjustment of extreme implant differences with no intermediate abutment. W Flexible surgical placement. W No abutment angulation and indexation handling. W Axis recovery device for small prosthesis. EASY ANGULATED ACCESS W Aesthetic and functional optimisation of the screw channels. W Extended indications of screw-retained prosthesis. W No...

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Pour la réussite de votre projet de formation en implantologie, Anthogyr conjugue l’expertise historique et les moyens d’un groupe international aux valeurs profondément humaines... Photo credits: Anthogyr - All rights reserved – Non-binding pictures.

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