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Anthogyr: The only partner for practitioners and prosthetists Anthogyr offers customised prostheses made using CAD-CAM technology.* Whatever digital channels you use in your laboratory, and no matter the type of prosthesis restoration indicated, we can tailor our solutions to your needs. IMPRESSION A conventional impression is taken. MASTER MODEL A master model is made and confirmed with a plaster key. OPTIONAL The model can be made of wax. DIGITISATION The master model is digitised. OPTIONAL The model is digitised. MODELLING A CAD model of the prosthesis is made. ORDER ONLINE Anthogyr Web...

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PRECISION, INNOVATION, ACCESSIBILITY Let’s build a future tog where everyone has aWHAT ABOUT YOU? CADDESIGN - A flexible, open-source CAD design library compatible with the following software: exocad'® sshape^1" 0 dental wing s • Do you make CAD designs of prostheses? We make your prosthesis using open-source STL for the design. • Want to outsource CAD design of prostheses, especially in complex cases? We offer design services tailored to your processes. • Don't have a scanner in your laboratory? Send us your master models and we'll digitise and design your prostheses for you. We also offer...

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2 brands dedicated to customised prosthetic solutions Our collaboration for your performance! INNOVATION Unique, innovative, highly precise solutions dedicated to Anthogyr implant platforms. ONE POINT OF CONTACT for the practitioner and laboratory. FREEDOM to choose between Tissue Level (TL) and Bone Level (BL) implant methodologies. VECTOR OF INNOVATION We are constantly searching for more efficient solutions to make your life easier. WHY CHOOSE CUSTOMIS 3D inspection machine • High-quality restorations offer comfort and safety. • The prosthesis is perfectly tailored to the patient’s...

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CAD-CAM SOLUTIONS BY ANTHOGYR High-precision M.P.S.** prosthetic solutions. OPEN TO MORE THAN 250 IMPLANT PLATFORMS mastered by the Anthogyr CAD-CAM machining centre, including some of the most popular ones on the market. Nobel Biocare® Zimmer Biomet® Denstply Sirona® Straumann® and many more. Full list of compatible platforms available at SED PROSTHESES? • Less maintenance: fully passive, screw-retained, multiple-unit prostheses • Long-lasting: reliable materials and design • Consistent, reproducible quality • Industry excellence, from the design phase to final inspection...

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Angulated Access (AA) solutions for screw-retained, m For protheses on multi-unit abutments and for prostheses on inLink® connections WHY USE SCREW-RETAINED PROSTHESES WITH ANGULATED ACCESS (AA)? w Biological safety: No glue or cement, to preserve tissue AA ON MULTI-UNIT ABUTMENTS A solution for prostheses on multi-unit abutments. w AA solution that threads screws through the screw channel w Angulations: 10°, 15°, 20°, 25° w Durable prosthesis and reduced maintenance: Channels are outside of the prosthesis's fragile zone, lowering the risk of chipping w Convenience: Channel angulation up to...

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multiple-unit prostheses INNOVATION ANGULATED ACCESS (AA) ON inLink® CONNECTIONS A single connection dedicated to Simeda® CAD-CAM full restorations w An efficient AA solution with inLink® lock placement within the prosthesis instead of the screw channel w Available on Axiom® BL implants via inLink® abutments and as direct implants on Axiom® TL SAVES TIME: Tighten locks quickly FLEXIBLE: Ability to adjust for extreme axis divergence CONVENIENCE: A locking system fully integrated into the prosthesis SIMPLE: No need to transfer or handle screws, thus avoiding mishaps RELIABLE MECHANICS:...

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Onthogyr Wide choice of materials MEDICAL GRADE V TITANIUM • Greater durability • Suitable for all implant-and tooth-supported prostheses • Light material for greater patient comfort • Biocompatible material specially suited to soft tissue coefficient (pm/mK) Fracture toughness (MPa) >860 COBALT-CHROME • Extreme durability • Suitable for all implant-and tooth-supported prostheses • Easy ceramisation for a beautiful look • Biocompatible material coefficient (pm/mK) Fracture toughness (MPa) >900 ZIRCONIA • Greater durability • Suitable for all implant-and tooth-supported prostheses •...

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COMPOSITE CERAMICS VITA SUPRINITY® PC* GLASS-CERAMICS and IPS E.MAX® CAD** • Large choice of materials for single-unit, tooth-supported, anatomical restorations • Single, crown type, inlay/onlay restorations + Beautiful materials fi + Simpletonishing process force + Ability absorb masticatory + Range of multiColor looks HYBRID CERAMIC VITA ENAMIC® multiColor* PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) • Suitable for making temporary prostheses • Cap and bridge restorations * VITA SUPRINITY®PC and VITA ENAMIC multiColor® are both trademarks of Vita ** IPS e.max® CAD is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG,

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Implant-supported solutions: our core focus SINGLE RESTORATIONS: AN ESSENTIAL SOLUTION! w Improved design of the crown for greater durability and better cosmetic support w Cement easier to remove thanks to a seal boundary that fits the emergence profile w Peace of mind: No more handling of the abutment indexation w Customised emergence profile designed for soft tissue* *A clinical study on 72 patients showed that in single restorations in the anterior sector, the use of CAD-CAM abutments helped stabilise soft tissue, when compared to standard abutments. *Lops, Diego, et al. “Soft Tissues...

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SCREW-RETAINED MULTIPLE RESTORATIONS FOR GUARANTEED SAFETY! w Customised tooth profile adapted to the patient’s gum and anatomy w Wide selection of designs and materials PARTIAL AND COMPLETE IMPLANT BRIDGES • Screw-retained on conical abutments or directly in the implant • Creation of a homothetic, anatomical or Thimble crown bridge • 2 to 14 elements SIMEDA® EXPERTISE Fast, ergonomic solution integrated into the prosthesis ANATOMICAL BRIDGES THIMBLE CROWN HOMOTHETIC BRIDGE + Full passivity, even for complete prostheses: less maintenance and fewer broken screws solutions + Angulated...

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