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Sede legale ed amministrativa Headquarters Cefla s.c. Via Selice Provinciale, 23/a 40026 Imola - Bo (Italy) tel. +39 0542 653111 fax +39 0542 653344 Stabilimento / Plant Via Bicocca, 14/c 40026 Imola - Bo (Italy) tel. +39 0542 653441 fax +39 0542 653601 Due to our policy of constant technological upgrading, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice. According to the standards in force, in extra-EU areas the availability and specifications of some products and/or characteristics may vary. Please contact your local distributor for further information. IMPROVED POTENTIAL ANTHOS CLASSE A3 PLUS CONTINENTAL INTERNATIONAL im prove ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE

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i. i im _ _ _ _ — _ _ -prove Classe A3 Plus: Anthos world Outstanding construction Classe A3 Plus offers a wide improves your potential quality, cutting-edge range of specific operational by adding the extra safety, technology, excellent operating features that raise the bar of reliability, flexibility and functionality that are key to meeting every clinical need. ergonomics, patient comfort. Classe A3 Plus, a clever investment to secure advantages well beyond the usual standards. the dental unit’s performance profile. The unit’s features can be customised for maximised results.

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Simple, intuitive operation DIGIT DISPLAY The Digit control panel layout, complete with X-ray viewer, is easy to read and includes several features. Access to the settings of each individual instrument, patient chair and integrated devices is fast, user-friendly and can be viewed on the alphanumeric display unit. Its design maximises operational ergonomics, making the operator’s work easier. Touch screen display. The control panel surface, protected by capacitive glass, can be easily disinfected. Performance control. The new instrument panel can be used to manage the unit’s operation modes...

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Maximised adaptability DENTIST’S MODULES International. Modern design and smart arrangement of the instruments for improved ergonomic usability: holding the handpieces is easy in any operating position. Continental. The redesigned dentist’s module and arms system allows the operator to work in any operating position. Classe A3 Plus responds ergonomically to every clinical need. To complete the set-up, a wide range of options is available, including a sixth instrument, X-ray sensor, transthoracic tray and large backlit X-ray viewer. New instrument lever design - with shorter vertical...

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Full potential expressed The dentist’s modules, in the Continental and International versions, are ergonomically designed and user-friendly. Instruments for every need, from lightweight, ergonomic micromotors to the thin-tip HD video camera with touch key for easier use of the freeze-frame function. The operator manages, through the console, the operation modes and parameters of each instrument, adapting them to their own clinical requirements. The optional sixth instrument application allows a video camera or curing light to be added. Micromotors. The supplied model i-MMr (3.3 Ncm) is also...

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Harmonised movements Operational ergonomics and patient Optional anatomical padding offers patients comfort are the natural outcome of the an exclusive wellness experience, unit's design, The upholstery is hard-wearing, seamless and available in 14 different colours, Backrests. A choice of two backrest options (narrow backrest/ wide backrest) meets all the dentist's ergonomic needs, As always, the backrest guarantees patient comfort and easy access, Vertical travel and lifting capacity. A long vertical travel (37-80 cm) makes it easier to provide treatment in comfort and allows easy patient...

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Complete solutions ASSISTANT’S MODULES Maximum efficiency on the assistant’s side. The number of available holders and the module arm type can be configured to suit the dental team’s needs. . Lighting The broad selection of operating lights available on Classe A3 lets dentists choose between LED and halogen light sources. OPERATING LIGHTS Venus E LED. Supplied as standard, Venus E LED, equipped with a “no touch” switch-on sensor, has adjustable light intensity from 7,000 to 40,000 Lux and six LED lighting sources to minimise shadows on the treatment area. Venus Plus. Venus Plus, high...

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Safe clinical environment for the patients, the operating team and the dentist, thanks to a wide range of integrated, optional hygiene systems. Automatic devices that prevent contamination of internal ducting, and design features that minimise the risk of cross-contamination. Control panel with alphanumeric display for total control of the sanitisation cycle progress. W.H.E. Certified DVGW continuous disinfection system that prevents backflow contamination of the dental unit water supply and acts against all water-borne contaminants. The use of Peroxy Ag+ is recommended. Filter. Large...

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Communication and diagnosis MULTIMEDIA Effective communication with the patient is based on easily shared diagnoses. Thanks to an integrated multimedia system, which includes an LED monitor and video camera installed on the dental unit, the dentist is able to effectively illustrate the treatment plan and show the images, radiographs and photos that have led to developing a diagnosis. 22” LED Monitor. Full HD 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel flat screen monitor with IPS panel to aid viewing from any angle. LED light sources ensure optimal brightness and contrast. Display. The monitor can display...

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The value of choice ACCESSORIES Anthos Connect A broad range of accessories lets dentists personalise the operating unit according to their specific needs. Seats. Ergonomic model with seat height adjustable from 47 to 63 cm, or an anatomical model for dentist and assistant with seat height adjustable from 42 to 56 cm. A 10 cm extension is available for all models. REMOTE ASSISTANCE Foot control. Four foot controls are available. These allow activation of Chip Air/Water, micromotor rotation inversion, (optional) patient chair movement and recall of stored positions. Stop Vacuum. Device...

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